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Announcement of the 9th Eco-generation Regional Ambassador

by | 22-08-2012 17:31 Comments 20 Comments

Eco-generation would like to announce the list of
the 9th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors
as follows:





1 Rosi Ranan Bangladesh Asia Pacific
2 MD Rahman Bangladesh Bangladesh
3 Osama Noor Bangladesh Bangladesh
4 Prabhul S Kumar India India
5 Balraj Arpit India Asia-Pacific
6 Barsa Barsa India USA
7 Madhav Datt India Asia and the Pacific
8 Abhay Joshi India India
9 Guru Vishnu Mathivanan India Asia Pacific
10 Rajashree Choudhury India India
11 Robby Fajrino Nugraha Indonesia Indonesia
12 Vania Santoso Indonesia Asia Pacific
13 Averina Geffanie Suwana Indonesia Indonesia
14 Bambang Sutrisno Indonesia Indonesia
15 Anggi Nurqonita Indonesia Indonesia
16 Besty Berliana Indonesia Indonesia
17 Achmad Solikhin Indonesia Indonesia
18 Rachel Wanjohi Kenya Kenya
19 Naylee Nagda Kenya Kenya
20 Taeyeon kim Korea, South Korea
21 Jee Hyeon Lee Korea, South Korea
22 Un Hyung Lee Korea, South Nepal
23 Yeon Seop Kim Korea, South East Asia
24 Jimin Yim Korea, South USA
25 Bolortuya Baatar Mongolia Mongolia
26 Yazid Heddane Morocco Turkey
27 Dhiroj Prasad Koirala Nepal Nepal
28 Ganga Datt Awasthi Nepal Nepal
29 Fagbohun Omotayo Nigeria Nigeria
30 Mark Joseph Tajo Solis Philippines Southeast Asia
31 Bam Azores Philippines Philippines
32 Mensa Tsedze Togo West Africa
33 Simran Gurdasani UAE Dubai
34 Neha Swaminathan UAE UAE
35 Kehkashan Basu UAE The Middle East
36 Unmesh Datta UAE UAE
37 Simran Vedvyas UAE Middle East
38 Alberta Yoo USA USA
39 Doan Quoc Dung Vietnam Vietnam
40 Jack Russell Kafwanka Zambia Zambia

We are very happy to have well qualified 40 Regional

You are valuable asset to Tunza Eco-generation.

Also, 11 of 8th Eco-generation 11Regional Ambassadors
successfully extended their terms.

No Name Country Region
1 Alberta yoo USA USA
2 Balraj Arpit India Asia-Pacific
3 Bam Azores Philippines The Philippines
4 Guru Vishnu Mathivanan India Asia Pacific
5 Jee Hyeon Lee Korea, South Korea
6 Kehkashan Basu UAE The Middle East
7 Madhav Datt India Asia and the Pacific
8 Neha Swaminathan UAE UAE
9 Rajashree Choudhury India India
10 Simran Vedvyas UAE Middle East
11 Vania Santoso Indonesia Asia Pacific

(*This can be added at the end of Aug.)

Double Congratulations for you guys!! 
You've done your duty with great success.

As a position of the 9th Regional Ambassador 
of Eco-generation,

They will promote Eco-generation to raise awareness of the environmental issues among children and youth around the world.

Dear Ambassadors!

Please be well aware of our guide lines including 

Copyright law, and if you have question, feel free to 

ask via Ambassador Forum(https://tunza.eco-generation.org/forumBoardList.jsp?forumListID=6)


Thank you!!




Eco-generation Team


  • says :
    @manisha Hello~ nice to meet you!
    Posted 22-01-2013 13:50

  • says :
    and i am studying in class 9

    Posted 20-01-2013 18:29

  • says :
    hello i am manisha and i am from India
    Posted 20-01-2013 18:29

  • says :
    Congratulations to all eco-gen Ambassadors...the light of your generation
    Posted 14-01-2013 05:54

  • says :
    40 Ambassadors from 15 Countries. Very big team for Green drive.
    Posted 12-01-2013 00:26

  • says :
    Congratulations to all
    Posted 21-10-2012 22:18

  • says :
    congrats, Rosi and Osama. Feel proud that you both are my fiends....
    Posted 16-10-2012 11:31

Eco Generation

  • Eco Generation says :
    Hi, Suraj! Welcome to Tunza Eco-generation!
    Posted 19-09-2012 08:37

  • says :
    my name is suraj paswan . i study in 6 classin om foundation school
    Posted 16-09-2012 13:32

  • says :
    Thanks Eco-Generation :)
    Posted 06-09-2012 02:20

  • says :
    I am happy to see my name in both the list. Congratulations to all E Gen Ambassadors

    Posted 29-08-2012 07:31

  • says :
    Thanks aloot Eco generation for selecting me as an ambassador ....my big congratulations to all the other selected ambassadors
    Posted 25-08-2012 03:11

  • says :
    Great! Congrats all Ambassadors! Thanks for Tunza-Eco Generation. Hope we can make a better world :)
    Posted 23-08-2012 13:53

  • says :
    Congratulation to all Ambassadors. We expecting lot of Green activities and report in next 6 months.

    Though I am Not selected as Ambassador this time, but I shall try to do my best for greening the earth.
    Posted 23-08-2012 09:32

  • says :
    Congratulations for all~~ We are also happy to have you our ambassadors!!
    Posted 23-08-2012 08:26

  • says :
    Congratulation to all,
    Ambassadors old and new,
    Increased our responsibility overall,
    Like Tunza Eco gen , there are few.

    Posted 23-08-2012 00:13

  • says :
    Thank you very much E Gen. I am happy to see my name in both the list. Congratulations to all E Gen Ambassadors. Hai eco sisters and eco brothers how are u all?
    Posted 22-08-2012 23:16

  • says :
    Thank you soooo much Eco-generation. Congratulations to all the Eco-gen Ambassadors!
    Posted 22-08-2012 20:16

  • Simran Vedvyas says :
    Thanks a lot Eco Generation, Best of Luck to Eco Gen Ambassador Friends
    Posted 22-08-2012 19:30

  • Neha Swaminathan says :
    Thank You, Eco-generation, Hearty Congratulations to all the Eco-gen Ambassadors
    Posted 22-08-2012 18:00

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