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The 6th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors

by Eco Generation | 26-07-2011 10:16 Comments 0 Comments

Call for Application 
The 6th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors


Eco-generation would like to announce the call for application for the 6th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors. E-gen Regional Ambassador is an elite position awarded to the kids and teens qualified to represent Eco-generation. The E-gen Regional Ambassador program provides exceptional E-gen activities with the opportunities
to actively participate in the awareness activities in each region.

As representatives of Eco-generation, E-gen Regional Ambassadors must embody the spirit and values of Eco-generation.
E-gen Regional Ambassadors must take on various roles to promote and raise positive awareness of the environment of each region they are representing. Ambassadors would carry the voice of the universe at international level.
Since your friends will gain their first impression of the Eco-generation through our E-gen Ambassadors, E-gen Ambassadors are also expected to be knowledgeable on current environmental issues and any information required representing the Eco-generation as well.

Application details as follows:

- All Eco-generation members who are enthusiastic about the local environmental issues.
- Ambassadors will be in position for the next 6 months; March 2011 to September 2011
- Ambassadors should post more than 2 written articles on their region each month, totaled 12 articles for the 6 months.
- Ambassadors should check thier emails as often as possible for responding E-gen's communication.
- Improvement of environmental leadership
- Business cards and E-gen Souvenirs including T-shirsts, CDs and others
- Non-financial support for one's environmental activities
- Given priority of the chances to be involved with the offline events of Eco-generation
- Certificate of the Ambassador (to be awarded after successfully finishing one's term)
- Reference letters available based on the succesful completion of the first 3 months
(except for the college/university admissions)

How to apply
- Applicants may choose any region you would like to represent apart from their residential area.
- Please use application form tab on the right.
- Please submit the application form including your profile picture.
- If you have reference files(MS office format prefered), please enclose them with your application form on the bottom.
- Ambassador's term in office can be extended upon Ambassador's request.
- 1(one) Ambassador per each region(or country) will be selected by the Eco-generation

Due date
- Please send the application e-mail by�March 1st (Tue), 2011

Result Announcement
- Announcement will be made on March 4th via Eco-generation website.


E-gen Regional Ambassadors are responsible for:
- Raising awareness of the environment and Eco-generation
- Write an environmental news of your country on Environmental news cliping bulletin
- Providing assistance during international events
- Posting more than 2 articles each month, totaled 12 articles for the 6 months.
Other quilifications for E-gen Regional Ambassadors:
- A member of Eco-generation(
- Environmentally friendly mind
- Internet-friendly environment
How does E-gen select the Regional Ambassadors?
- Once applicants send the application form downloaded from the website, E-gen will select qualified one from each region.
- Additional rerferences will be acceptable.
What else would be expected of me once I become an E-gen Regional Ambassador?
- Participating in the online orientation and attending regular meetings on the web
- Attenting irregular offline meetings are optional. (to be held in Seoul, Korea)
For more information on E-gen Regional Ambassador programs, please use World Tunza Eco-generation plaza at Forums



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