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Announcement of the 17th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors

by Eco Generation | 26-08-2016 11:43 Comments 45 Comments

Dear Eco-generation members,


We would like to announce the list of the 17th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors.

As many of you know, many new applicants could not get a chance to enroll them in our Ambassador program because of the limited number of positions. From the 14th term, requirement of the Ambassadorship extension has become stricter to give more chances to the New Ambassadors because of the limited number of positions.


As a result, only 26 Ambassadors have successfully extended their term and 34 new Ambassadors have their chance to represent their countries!


In the mean time, we do appreciate your valuable time and efforts for the applications and at the same time, we regret that we couldn't select all the qualified applicants due to the limited number of positions.


Even though you are not selected this time, you can grab a next chance by posting reports and articles on the <World report> page or <Forumsuntil next recruitment. Please leave your comments and suggestions on other members' reports as often as possible. This will make you take the advantageous position first in the next recruitment!


Finally, we would like to proudly announce the 17th Eco-generations Regional Ambassadors as below:

(*List followed alphabetical order of their names)


Newly appointed Ambassadors

No. Name Country Region Category
1 Abdessamad B Algeria Algeria New
2 Abrokwah Evans Twum Ghana Ghana New
3 Agim Mazreku Kosovo Kosovo New
4 Agung Wicaksono Indonesia Indonesia New
5 Anh Dao Vietnam Vietnam New
6 Anna Steltenkamp USA USA New
7 Armin Maric Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina New
8 Bam Azores Philippines Philippines New
9 Burton Dorley Liberia Liberia New
10 Chayanun Kongfahpakdipong Thailand Thailand New
11 Cleva Lupakisyo Tanzania Tanzania New
12 Dhia Hayouni Tunisia Tunisia New
13 Hasini Siriwardana Sri Lanka Sri Lanka New
14 Joanita Babirye Uganda Uganda New
15 kamaldeen Kassim Nigeria Nigeria New
16 Leneka Rhoden Jamaica Jamaica New
17 Luiz Miguel Queiroz Galvao Brazil Israel New
18 Mackenson Marion Haiti Haiti New
19 Maheen Ahmed Pakistan Pakistan New
21 Paulin NTIHEMUKA Rwanda Rwanda New
22 Peter Ngugulu Tanzania Tanzania New
23 Prakriti Dhakal Nepal Nepal New
24 RUAA ABAKAR Sudan Sudan New
25 Sakshi Ghildiyal India India New
26 Saymore Ngonidzashe Kativu Zimbabwe Zimbabwe New
27 Simone Carolissen South Africa South Africa New
28 Soo Lee Korea, South South Korea New
29 TCHAPTCHET CHEURBELLE Cameroon Cameroon New
30 Waleed Kenawy Egypt Egypt New
31 Xilola Kayumova Uzbekistan Uzbekistan New
32 Youness Boussaid Morocco Morocco New
33 YOW CHUAN TEO Malaysia Malaysia New
34 Yvonne Wabai Kenya Kenya New

*If there are no-shows ambassadors, the list has been updated with new ambassadors on the waiting list.

*Ambassador list is updated due to the no-show Ambassadors! Congratulations, new appointed Ambassadors!



Extended appointment

No. name country Region
1 Adam Zhou China Philippines
2 Alberta Yoo USA USA
3 Arushi Madan UAE United Kingdom
4 Bindu Bhandari Nepal Nepal
5 Dante Kirkman USA USA
6 Dewi Retno S Indonesia Indonesia
7 Dharmendra Kapri India Asia
8 Gallimard Yvan Nyatchou Ngassa Cameroon Turkey
9 Harmanjot Kaur UAE UAE
10 JOHN PAUL Kenya Kenya
11 Joshua Amponsem Ghana Ghana
12 Manav Jha UAE Dubai
13 Mohit Talreja UAE UAE
14 Neha Swaminathan UAE Middle East
15 Nilanjan Ghatak India India
16 Olamide Adegbola Nigeria Nigeria
17 Olansis Wolde Ethiopia Ethiopia
18 Rahul Acharya Nepal South Asia
19 Rohan Kapur UAE Middle East
20 Simran Vedvyas UAE Canada
21 Sujan Adhikari Nepal Nepal
22 Syed Ahmad Nafisul Abrar Bangladesh Bangladesh
23 Tanverjit Singh India UAE
24 Thao Nguyen Vietnam Vietnam
25 UDEH CHIAGOZIE Nigeria Nigeria
26 Yuna Tae USA North America


Congratulations, our Ambassadors! 


We would like to introduce 2 mandatory duties to the whole 17th E-gen Ambassadors. For more details, please check your registered email that we have sent. Please fulfill your duties in time.


Please note that if the No. 1. Duty (Submit your Consent and Request Form) is not cleared by the deadline August 31st, 2016 (GMT 0), we will accept it as the expression of giving-up the position and appointment will be automatically canceled.



 1. Submit your Consent and Request Form by August 31st, 2016 (GMT 0) via website.


Our e-mail containing the Consent and Request Form, Regulations of Ambassador has been sent to your email address which you have registered with. Please check your e-mail box and fill out the Consent and Request Form and submit it through Tunza Eco-generation website at E-gen Event>Monthly Event> 89. [ONLY] The 17th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors by August 31st, 2016 (GMT 0). All Ambassadors (even those who dont need promotional goods) MUST submit this Consent and Request Form respectively by the deadline (August 31st).


Note. Please do NOT send the form to this email (ecogeneration@samsung.com).


Because the regulation on Promotional goods has been changed, extended Ambassadors also have to check the NEW request form thoroughly and fill out the THREE-month plan of your awareness campaigns and events in advance.


The personal information provided by the Consent form cannot be changed after submission. If you have any change in the Consent and Request Form before deadline, please visit the My page tab in the Monthly Event page, delete your previous submission and then submit the new file. The information will be used to make your business cards and send promotion goods.



 2. Posting a brief self-introduction and a photo

Please write a brief self introduction and attach your photo on the <E-gen Ambassador Forum>page by August 31st, 2016 (GMT 0). And please leave warm welcome comments to other Ambassadors' self introduction postings, too.



During your term, please check your email as often as possible and reply us back immediately.


Once again, congratulations to all ambassadors and thank you once again for your applications.

We look forward to your active postings and participations for the next six months.


All the best,

Eco-generation team





  • says :
    When will be the next recruitment

    Posted 23-12-2016 04:26

  • says :
    This is the first time using my laptop to log on. Wasn't able to view everything thing from my tablet. Congratulations everyone.
    Posted 16-11-2016 05:45

  • says :
    Congratulations to all new appointed ambassadors, All the best and keep it up with good work.
    Posted 14-11-2016 00:59

  • prayash pathak says :
    Congrats to all the ambassador
    Posted 13-11-2016 23:56

  • says :
    In Ukraine there is no ambassador. It's a thousand pities!

    Posted 11-11-2016 16:24

  • says :
    Congrats to the ambassadors
    Posted 04-11-2016 16:13

  • says :
    Congratulations all
    Posted 15-10-2016 03:14

  • says :
    Congratulations to all new appointed ambassadors
    Posted 01-09-2016 21:09

  • says :
    Big congratulations All!
    Posted 31-08-2016 14:25

  • says :
    congrats to all ambassadors
    Posted 31-08-2016 01:33

  • says :
    Big congrats. Let us work the talk and do the deeds and enlighten our environs.
    Posted 30-08-2016 08:58

  • says :

    Posted 30-08-2016 02:58

  • says :
    Congratulations ambassadors!
    Posted 28-08-2016 20:17

  • says :
    Congratulations to all ambassadors.
    Posted 28-08-2016 16:44

  • says :
    Posted 28-08-2016 07:32

  • says :
    Congrats to all the new and extended ambassadors.
    Posted 28-08-2016 04:33

Dewi Retno S

  • Dewi Retno S says :
    Congrats to all the new and extended ambassadors! :)
    Posted 27-08-2016 19:12

  • says :
    Congratulations to everyone.
    Posted 27-08-2016 17:11

  • says :
    Congratulations to all ambassadors.
    Posted 27-08-2016 16:48

  • says :
    Thank you Tunza eco-genration for this amazing opportunity!
    Posted 27-08-2016 15:42

  • says :
    Congrats to all ambassadors! Lets move hand-in-hand towards a sustainable tomorrow:)
    Posted 27-08-2016 13:58

Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Yet another exciting term begins. Congrats to extended & welcome to new ambassadors.
    Posted 27-08-2016 13:18

  • says :
    congratulation to all the new ambassadors and myself of course 'team 237'
    Posted 27-08-2016 01:29

  • says :
    Congratulation to you all.
    Posted 27-08-2016 00:08

  • says :
    Thank you so much Eco-Gen. Congratulations to all the new and extended ambassadors.All the best.
    Posted 26-08-2016 23:32

  • says :
    i am so over whelmed by the chance granted by Eco-generation ambassador program. looking forward to give my best. congratulations to me and congratulations to all that made it.
    Posted 26-08-2016 22:27

  • says :
    Amazing batch of young environmentalists. Lets make ourselves proud and make the world a greener place!
    Posted 26-08-2016 22:25

  • says :
    Congratulations to all and i am looking forward to learn a lot from you guys..Hopefully I'll join you guys someday.
    Posted 26-08-2016 22:07

  • Anthony Emecheta says :
    Congrats to all the ambassadors... Put your best to what you do.
    Posted 26-08-2016 21:19

  • says :
    Congratulations everyone <3 aaah hopefully next time!
    Posted 26-08-2016 20:32

  • says :
    Congratulations to all :)
    Posted 26-08-2016 20:22

  • says :
    Congratulations to all the new and extended ambassadors :) :) Together we will make this term a meaningful and impact oriented :) Green Cheers!
    Posted 26-08-2016 20:14

  • says :
    Congratulations everyone.
    Congrats Dharmendra. Keep it up (y) Proud of you.
    Posted 26-08-2016 20:07

  • says :
    Congratulations to all the selected ambassadors.
    Posted 26-08-2016 19:54

Arushi Madan

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Congratulations to all the new and extended ambassadors :)
    Thanks Tunza Eco Gen for considering me for UK, am excited:)
    Posted 26-08-2016 19:30

  • Sujan Adhikari says :
    Congratulations Ambassador :)
    Posted 26-08-2016 19:21

  • says :
    Congratulations everyone :) Glad to be a part of this network again.
    Posted 26-08-2016 19:07

  • says :
    Posted 26-08-2016 18:45

  • Rohit Bisht says :
    Congratulations everyone.
    Posted 26-08-2016 18:18

  • says :
    Congratulations, to all ambassadors!!!!
    Posted 26-08-2016 17:42

Dharmendra Kapri

  • Dharmendra Kapri says :
    Congratulations to all the new and extended ambassadors :)
    Posted 26-08-2016 17:24


  • ISAAC ABUGRI says :
    Congratulations...hope to be an ambassador next time.
    Posted 26-08-2016 17:18

  • says :
    congratulations to every new ambassador
    Posted 26-08-2016 15:50

Yvonne Wabai

  • Yvonne Wabai says :
    I'm so excited that I made it into the TEG ambassador program!
    Posted 26-08-2016 15:10

  • Neha Swaminathan says :
    Hearty congratulations to all the new and extended ambassadors. Thank you Eco-generation for another extended term.
    Posted 26-08-2016 14:30

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