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Result Announcement of the 21st Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors

by Eco Generation | 22-08-2018 16:06 Comments 33 Comments

Dear Tunza Eco-generation members,


 As always, we do appreciate your valuable time and effort for the applications and we also regret that we couldn't select all the qualified applicants due to the limited number of positions.

       In this term, 30 Ambassadors have been successfully extended their term, and 30 new Ambassadors have their chance to represent their countries and region!

Even though you have not been selected this time, you may have another opportunity by posting reports and articles on the <World report> page or <Forumsuntil the next recruitment. Please leave your comments and suggestions on other members' reports as often as possible. This will help give you an advantageous position in the next recruitment!

Finally, we would like to proudly announce the 21st Eco-generations Regional Ambassadors as shown below:


 Newly Appointed Ambassadors
(*List followed alphabetical order of their names)

No Name Country Representing
1 Aaditya Saha USA USA
2 Abdessamad Belfekroun Algeria Algeria
3 Adrianna Wojtyna Poland Poland
4 Allen Kaiza Tanzania Tanzania
5 Alphonso P Johnson Liberia Liberia
6 Ananya Singh India India
7 Anna Kovbasniuk Ukraine Ukraine
8 Ayazhan Salmenova Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
10 Czarlo Demeterio Philippines Philippines
11 Daria Kruglova Russia Russia
12 Deepak Subedi Nepal Nepal
13 Eli Quiroz México México
14 Fatima alhosani UAE UAE
15 Hassan Nasir Pakistan Pakistan
16 Hnin Phyu Sin Myanmar Myanmar
17 Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas Indonesia Indonesia
18 Iryna Ponedelnik Belarus Belarus
19 Israel Adeoye Nigeria Nigeria
20 Liteboho Senyane Lesotho Lesotho
21 Mathieu DOHOUNHEHO Brazil Bénin
22 Matthew Tikhonovsky USA USA
23 Mouniratou Congo Burkina Faso Burkina Faso
24 Mugisha Derrick Emmanuel Uganda Uganda
25 Natasha Singh India India
26 Nikolay Dagaev Russia Russia
27 shamim ahmed mridha Bangladesh Bangladesh
28 Soyeon Cho South Korea South Korea
29 Tantoh Haris Desmond Tibui Cameroon Cameroon
30 Xolani Mnisi South Africa South Africa




*If there are no-shows ambassadors, the list will be updated with new ambassadors on the waiting list.               


Extended Ambassadors 


No Name Country Representing
1 Aaditya Singh Austria Europe
2 Abass Abdullah Ghana Ghana
3 Adam Zhou China Southeast Asia
4 Aldrin Aujero Philippines Philippines
5 Alesandra Ibobo Nigeria Nigeria
6 Andrew Chikaoneka Malawi Malawi
7 Anishka Jha UAE UAE
8 Arushi Madan United Kingdom Europe
9 Bharat Adhikari Nepal Nepal
10 Bwalya Bwalya Zambia Zambia
11 CARLOS OCON DEGAMO JR. Philippines Southeast Asia
12 Chabala Chisenga Zambia Africa
13 Dibya Bhatta Nepal Asia
14 Elizaveta Zaretskaya Taiwan Taiwan
15 George Zacharia India Asia
16 Isaac Abugri Ghana Ghana
17 Ishimwe Eric Josue Rwanda Africa
18 Jeewon Shin South Korea South Korea
19 Kushal Naharki Nepal Nepal
20 Lohita Swaminathan United Arab Emirates Middle East
21 Neha Swaminathan India India
22 Prayash Pathak (Chalise) Nepal Asia
23 Razan Abakar Sudan Middle East North Africa (MENA)
24 Rock Lee Thailand Thailand
25 Rohan Kapur United Arab Emirates Middle East
26 Rosa Domingos South Africa Angola
27 Sudarshan Sreeram India India
28 Sumit Chowdhury Bangladesh Bangladesh
29 Victor eke mba Nigeria Nigeria
30 Yves SHEMA Rwanda Rwanda





Congratulations to all our Ambassadors! 


We would like to introduce 2 mandatory duties for all of the21st E-gen Ambassadors. For more details, please check your registered email that we have sent. Please carry out your duties on time.      

1. Submit your Consent and Request Form by September 1st, 2018 (GMT 0) through Tunza eco-generation website.     

 - Our e-mail containing the Consent and Request Form and Regulations of Ambassador program has been sent to your email address registered on our website. Please check your e-mail box and fill out the Consent and Request Form and submit it through Tunza Eco-generation website at E-gen Event>Monthly Event> [ONLY] The 21st Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors (application form tab) by September1st, 2018 (GMT 0). All Ambassadors (even those who don't need promotional goods) MUST submit this Consent and Request Form respectively by the deadline.     

 Note. Please do NOT send the form by email.

* The personal information provided by the Consent form cannot be changed after submission. If you have any change in the Consent and Request Form before the deadline, please visit the My page tab in the Monthly Event page, delete your previous submission and then submit the new file. The information will be used to make your business cards and send promotional goods.


2. Posting a brief self-introduction           

- Please write a brief self-introduction on the <E-gen Ambassador Forum> page by September 1st, 2018 (GMT 0) and leave a warm welcoming comment to other Ambassadors' self-introduction postings, too.     


Please note that if your duties are not completed by the deadline September 1st, 2018 (GMT 0), we will accept it as the expression of giving-up your position and appointment will be automatically canceled.


During your term, please check your email as often as possible and reply back to us immediately. 


Once again, congratulations to all ambassadors and thank you once again for your applications.

We look forward to your active postings and participations for the next six months.


All the best,

Eco-generation team



  • Manjesh Jha says :
    Congratulations everone.
    Posted 01-11-2018 02:59

Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Nice report @Israel It is true that Environmental education to school curriculum is a big way to effectively involving the youths and children in protecting the environment. The school level curriculum of Nepal has added the environment education into its curriculum to make children more aware and active towards environmental protection.

    Posted 31-10-2018 14:46

  • Urvashi Adhikari says :
    Congratulations to all ambassadors.
    Posted 21-10-2018 04:12

  • Suman Kaur says :
    Congratulations to all selected ambassadors.
    Posted 16-10-2018 17:12

  • says :
    congratulation all my friends
    Posted 10-10-2018 03:57

Bwalya Bwalya

  • Bwalya Bwalya says :
    Congratulations to all
    Posted 15-09-2018 04:31

Mugisha  Derrick Emmanuel

  • Tracy Amimo says :
    Congratulations to our newly appointed Ambassadors
    Posted 13-09-2018 18:18

  • Deeksha Sharma says :
    Congratulations to all the Ambassadors :)
    Posted 13-09-2018 17:47

Emmanuel Dusabimana


  • Yves SHEMA says :
    Am glad for this opportunity
    Posted 07-09-2018 15:30

Vazira Ikhtiyorova

  • Vazira Ikhtiyorova says :
    Why don't you get ambassador from Uzbekistan?
    Posted 31-08-2018 15:50

Daria Kruglova

  • Daria Kruglova says :
    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! Congratulations to all the ambassadors!
    Posted 31-08-2018 10:15

  • ADONIAS MKAMA says :
    Congratulation to you Mr Allen Kaiza for winning the position to represent Tanzania, I attempted to apply but unfortunately the lucky wasn't by my side. I have seen your volunteerism you deserve much. Wish you nice journey in advance.
    Adonias Mkama.
    Posted 30-08-2018 19:23

  • says :
    Congratulation to you Mr Allen Kaiza for winning the position to represent Tanzania, I attempted to apply but unfortunately the lucky wasn't by my side. I have seen your volunteerism you deserve much. Wish you nice journey in advance.
    Posted 30-08-2018 19:18 Delete

Anishka Jha

  • Anishka Jha says :
    Congratulations to all winners!!
    Posted 29-08-2018 03:42

Muskan Priya

  • Muskan Priya says :
    Congratulations to all the winners! and Cheers to all who participated. :)
    Posted 27-08-2018 00:55

Soyeon Cho

  • Soyeon Cho says :
    Congratulations everyone and thank you!
    Posted 24-08-2018 13:08


  • Mathieu DOHOUNHEHO says :
    It is a new chalenge and great challenges that will be taken up. Thanks to Eco-generation for making me an ambassador. And very happy to be among this new team of ambassadors. To you my new ambassador friends, this is a great task but together we will do many things and better than our predecessors.
    Posted 23-08-2018 07:28

Ishimwe Eric Josue

Arushi Madan

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Congrats to all the ambassadors. Thanks to Tunza Eco Gen.
    Posted 23-08-2018 03:13

Isaac  Abugri

  • Isaac Abugri says :
    Congratulations to us all
    Posted 23-08-2018 02:49

Dyah Reza Lestari

  • Dyah Reza Lestari says :
    Congratulations guys! So sad that I was running out of time to apply for this term. Good luck for the upcoming 6 months! :)
    Posted 23-08-2018 02:35

Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas

Hnin Phyu Sin

  • Hnin Phyu Sin says :
    thank you so much for giving me this great opportunity to represent my country
    Posted 22-08-2018 23:12

Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Congrats to all Newly Appointed & Extended Ambassadors.
    Posted 22-08-2018 22:56

  • Hassan Nasir says :
    Congratulations every one
    Posted 22-08-2018 20:55

Asmita Gaire

  • Asmita Gaire says :
    Congratulations everyone &#128522
    Posted 22-08-2018 20:53

Rosa Domingos

  • Rosa Domingos says :
    Congratulations to all!
    Posted 22-08-2018 19:43

Dibya Bhatta

  • Dibya Bhatta says :
    Thank you Ecogeneration and congratulations every one :)
    Posted 22-08-2018 18:44

Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Congratulations to all the ambassadors
    Posted 22-08-2018 18:01

Bharat Adhikari

  • Bharat Adhikari says :
    Congratulations to all Newly Appointed Ambassadors and Extended Ambassadors. :)
    Posted 22-08-2018 17:44

Deepak  Subedi

  • Deepak Subedi says :
    thank you soo much Tunza Eco Generation :)
    Posted 22-08-2018 17:36

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