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28th ambassadors, Request Your Ambassador Goods Now!

by Eco Generation | 24-03-2022 12:24 Comments 4 Comments

request goods

Dear 28th regional ambassadors,




It's already time to apply for your ambassador goods!

Getting goods is always exciting isn't it?




Since this is only the second time you applying for the goods using this system we opened, there might be some confusion.

To reduce difficulties and avoid confusions, I will explain how "Request Goods" works. Read down below carefully (No thousands of emails regarding the same issues!)🚫🚫🚫




Before applying, all you need to know is the difference between "Ambassador Goods" and "Promotional Goods".

Ambassador goods is for every single ambassadors and it's your privilege so do apply them all! Promotional goods is an optional goods, but if you have some plan to voluntarily organize your awareness events/campaigns then this is for you as well. Eco-generation will sponsor promotional goods listed on the page. Go through the Ambassador Regulation(6. Request for Ambassador Goods) for detailed information.




Once you understood the difference between the ambassador good and the promotional goods, applying for goods gets easier from now on.

If you already have posted 4(four) mandatory Ambassador Reports at the time of applying goods, it's all good! You are ready to receive your goods in the 3rd month(May). However, if you have not posted your 4(four) reports yet, you have your last chance till April 18th which is the last day for applying goods. Goods are sent to only those ambassador who have posted 4 reports and have submitted request by April 18th.

**This is the only time you can apply for the good** 


Do email me(ecogeneration@samsung.com) though if you still confused after careful reading!😊



Go green,



  • Happy Mbewe says :
    im still not grasping crearly
    Posted 22-05-2022 12:08

  • Mohamed Sannoh says :
    Great opportunity. Thanks for sharing
    Posted 06-04-2022 18:27

Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas

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