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Announcement of the 8th Eco-generation Ambassadors

by | 29-02-2012 16:59 Comments 13 Comments


Eco-generation would like to announce the list of

 the 8th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors as follows:


No Name Nationality Region
1 Imm Serajul Haque Bangladesh Bangladesh
2 Rafee Mostafa Bangladesh Dhaka, Bangladesh
3 Kelhia Mutonyi Burundi Burundi
4 Kassim Hussein Ghana Ghana
5 Madhav Datt India Asia/Pacific
6 Rajashree Choudhury India Jhakhand, India
7 Satwik Pradhan India India
8 Vandrangi Sudeeksha India Visakhapatnam, India
9 M Ikhsan Putra Indonesia Padang, Indonesia 
10 Abdikadir Hassan Kenya North Eastern Province
11 Rachel Wanjohi Kenya Kenya
12 Hannarae Choi Korea, South Goyang City, Korea
13 Hoesoo An Korea, South China
14 Jee Hyeon Lee Korea, South Seoul, Korea
15 Sewon Kim Korea, South Daejeon, Korea
16 Bernad Eng Malaysia South East Asia 
17 Charly Ortega Mexico Mexico
18 Asmita Acharya Nepal Nepal
19 Nurudeen Yusuf Nigeria Africa
20 Mark Philip Tandog Philippines South East Asia
21 Mohamed Husni Sri Lanka Asia Pacific
22 Mussa Mashishanga Tanzania Tanzania
23 Kehkashan Basu UAE Middle East
24 Neha Swaminathan UAE UAE
25 Rohith Rao UAE Abu Dhabi Indian School
26 Simran Vedvyas UAE Middle East
27 Jack Russell Kafwanka Zambia Zambia
28 Ramli Baharman Indonesia Bogor, Indonesia



Also, the 7th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors successfully extended their terms.



No Name Nationality Region
1 Balraj Arpit India Asia Pacific
2 Guru Vishnu Mathivanan India Asia Pacific
3 Vania Santoso Indonesia Indonesia
4 Seungmoon Kang Korea, South Mongolia
5 Bam Azores Philippines Philippines
6 Alberta Yoo USA Chicago, Illinois



Congratulations again!

As a position of the 8th Regional Ambassador of Eco-generation,

They will promote Eco-generation to raise awareness of the environmental issues

Among children and youth around the world.


We are very happy to have you as our Ambassador.


Thank you!




Eco-generation Team






 P.S. For Ambassadors those who are newly appointed, please join the online forum at Forums/World/Eco-generation Ambassadors for more details.











Eco Generation

  • Eco Generation says :
    Hi, Hannarae! Two articles per month! please refer to the past Notice on this list! Please click list on the below.
    Posted 16-04-2012 14:27

  • Simran Vedvyas says :
    TUNZA Eco Generation and Samsung Engineering
    My THANK YOU seems so small compared to all you have done but it comes from my heart and sometimes simple words say it BEST!

    Posted 09-04-2012 06:04

  • says :
    How many reports do we upload for a month?
    Posted 30-03-2012 22:36

  • says :
    It is great to have been selected as eco-generation ambassador.
    Posted 04-03-2012 15:39

  • says :
    I am the happiest youth on earth today.My dream of being an environmental ambassador has finally become true.I am proud to be among the 8th Eco-Generation Ambassador and to be from Kenya,Africa.I will do my best to spread the word and inspire young people towards a better environment and better society.
    Posted 03-03-2012 21:31

  • says :
    it's great to see my name in the ambassador list,,
    thanks for Tunza Eco-generation....
    Posted 02-03-2012 23:01

  • says :
    wow!!!!! I am very excited for this! thank u Eco generation
    Posted 02-03-2012 22:29

  • says :
    Hey guys! Congratulations~~~~
    We are very happy to have you as our Ambassador.
    You are selected people to save the mother nature.
    I wish passionate, energetic and shining 6 months for you.
    You can be whatever you want to be, you can support to change the world in a positive way. You guys are Able-men!
    Posted 02-03-2012 11:20

  • Simran Vedvyas says :
    Double Treat for me as in the morning I became the PIONEER (FIRST) FOUNDER MEMBER OF THE NEWLY FORMED CARTOONA CLUB, which will enable Tetra Pak recycling in schools and region. There were various schools of UAE represented by 33 students BUT I AM SO HAPPY TO BE THE ONLY AND FIRST ONE TO BE AWARDED THE OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE OF MEMBERSHIP OF CARTOONA CLUB

    This afternoon I officially became -

    Thanks to Eco-Generation and look forward to the support and guidance from former Ambassadors
    Posted 29-02-2012 22:30

  • says :
    Wow...Again I'm regional ambassador, this time representing Asia-Pacific. :)
    Let's together make a difference in the World.
    Thanks you TUNZA Eco-Generation Team. Love yaah!!
    Posted 29-02-2012 21:51

  • says :
    Thank you Ecogeneration and congratulations to my fellow ambassadors.
    Posted 29-02-2012 21:35

  • says :
    Thank you very much for extending my term as an ambassador
    Posted 29-02-2012 20:35

  • says :
    Thank you so much Ecogeneration!
    Posted 29-02-2012 17:47

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