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(Free Report) Academic Practical of Tree Harvesting

by Nishan kc | 22-09-2019 02:30 recommendations 0 recommendations

I am forestry undergraduate at Institute of Forestry (IOF), Nepal. We have a lots of academic practical regarding forests, wildlife and water resources. And hereby, I am profound to share you all about; one of our foremost practical in our bachelors' program- Practical of Tree harvesting.

What is Tree Harvesting?

: Tree harvesting is the branch of forestry which deals with the total process of planning, cutting down trees and delivering them in the market (saw mill, industries, etc.).

General Steps in Tree Harvesting:

·       Selection of sound tree to be cut down at optimum investment with no damage to the surrounding trees.

·       Clearing the bushes, climber cutting, and obstacles away so, that there is enough free place for working.

·       Cutting should be nearer as the ground as possible to get the maximum benefit.

·       Cutting down using suitable tools- Chain saw (appropriate and modern tool), saw and axe (traditional tool).

·       It isn’t always sure that the tree will fell down in the same direction where it is lean so, precaution should be applied to prevent from injuries. For this, rope can be also a beneficial to give the direction of fall.

·       Lastly, the finial yield will be deliver in the market (saw mill, industries) for respective uses: Construction and furniture.

We was mentored by our forest utilization teacher during our practical and we had also followed the same steps. We had used both the instrument: chain saw and axe for cutting down. We had successfully done in two trees inside our college. We had collected a lots of knowledge and experience in it. Here are some of the alluring photos captured during that time:

Thank You!

Pic Credit: Sushil Ojha( our batchmate)

our teacher guiding us measuring the diameter Using chain saw


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Meena Pandey

  • Meena Pandey says :
    Thank you for the different topic.
    The topic seems to be so impressive.
    Keep writing and shining,
    Warm regards ,
    Meena Pandey
    Posted 22-09-2019 03:15

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