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Green Dam in Algeria

by | 07-03-2015 02:17 recommendations 0

ALGERIA is located in North Africa , it is bordered in the north by the Mediterranean Sea , in the east by Tunisia & Libya, in the west by Morocco, in the southwest by Western Sahara, Mauritania, in the south by Niger and Mali.
Algerian climate is Mediterranean in the north, a relatively mild winters and rainy, and the temperature is between 21-24 Celsius in the summer and 02-12 C in the winter. The plateaus is lowest rainfall from the north, the winters are cold , snowy,  and the teperature is lower than zero Celsius sometimes. Hot dry summers. The climate in the southern is Sahraoui (desert climate) , hot days and refreshing nights,  in the summur the weather degree's is above 50 degrees Celsius, carrying winds Siroko (known El chihili), also sometimes seasonal rains in the winter. the percentage of rainfall in the north is to 400-600 mm per year, an increase from west to east, reaching a maximum in the northeast of the country at a rate of 1000 mm sometimes.

Algeria is a part  of the world warming. Like the other countries, it is also affected by climate change. According to the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). The desertification phenomenon is one of phenomenas that followed the climate change in Algeria and The authorities established  The Green Dam project to reduce this phenomena.

The The late President Houari Boumedien set up the Green Dam Project ,The objective was to establish a vegetarian strip of trees from east to west in order to separate the conversion of the desert from the north and stop the desertification phenomenon, but the project was stoped to this day after the death of the owner of the idea of the project . The Green Dam project was launched in 1971 to limit the progress of sand to the north on the length of 1700 km and the depth sometimes exceeded 400 kilometers and it had a role in the emergence of a new 400 model village, and the reduction of the desert attack on urban areas.
Green Dam properties:
A - Climate: Green Dam contributes to the reduction of the progress of the Sahara, where the temperature rise which is bordered by a mountain range separating the north from the south. Generally, there are only two seasons in the region, the summer heat and winter cold. Temperatures in winter range between 1.8 and 1.9 degrees Celsius this summer ranges between 33.1 and 37.6 degrees Celsius, while the rain measurements are weak due to the proximity of the semi-arid (dry climate). (B) plants: vegetation, which reflects the nature and characteristics in terms of climate and lower degree of that land. There are two types of plants in the Green Dam: -allenbataat forest: green oak (Quercus ilex) and pistachio tree of the atlas (Pistacia atlantica) and wild trees emulsion (Ziziphus lotus). -allenbataat Pastoral: usually composed of allies that exploits for the paper industry. C- land: land properties of the Green Dam is summarized as follows: with a depth not exceeding 60 cm sometimes, high amount of limestone active. A small amount of basic organic substances, pH (higher than 7.5) These characteristics support the erosion of the earth.
a picture of the green dom from a satelite a map of green dom in AlgeriaGreen Dam ,hassi bahbah , Algeria

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  • Dormant user


  • says :
    @Unmesh Datta the place of the project is explaining in the second picture by the black lines in the midlle and it is a very wide place from the east to the weast and yes it is stopped the owner wanted to do more than what is in the map (second picture)

    Posted 13-03-2015 04:54

  • says :
    I am sorry, I missed the point most probably...I understand that the project is stopped now, am I right?
    Posted 11-03-2015 23:44

  • says :
    Thx for the report Zara...can you please let me know where exactly this project is being executed? My father visit Algeria (Algiers and sahara desert areas also) for his official works, and so I know a lot of Algeria from him!!! I can tell him to visit the project...also nice to note the efforts by Algerian Govt
    Posted 11-03-2015 23:42

  • says :
    Thank you for sharing the great plan, Zara, I've stayed there(near the Mediterranean Sea) for months and I really saw the desertification in Algeria. I wish all the best for the Green dam project. It will be the biggest asset for children and grand children in Algeria more than oil and gas.
    Posted 11-03-2015 14:34

  • says :
    What a great project. Although the owner of the idea has passed away but this project must go on to slow down desertification. By the way, the picture at the bottom mesmerizes me. That is so beautiful. Seeing a green vegetation around those brown color, is that the dessert or soil of open land?
    Posted 10-03-2015 10:19

  • says :
    @Eco Generation @Soram Claire Kim @Ahtisham Arshad @sadam aladwar , than you for your comments :) and you are welcom
    Posted 10-03-2015 02:37

  • says :
    new a great information , thanks Zara for sharing ^_^
    Posted 10-03-2015 02:26

  • says :
    informative )
    Posted 10-03-2015 02:06

  • says :
    It is great to know what is happening on the other side of the globe. Thanks for sharing! :)
    Posted 09-03-2015 22:39

Eco Generation

  • Eco Generation says :
    This is such a enormous project! Hail to the Algerian government! :D
    I wonder when this project is scheduled to be completed. hope to see more greens in the Algerian desert!
    Posted 09-03-2015 17:52

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Thanks for introducing Algeria and the "Green dam project" which was launched as a huge development project to combat desertification and stretch green belt. Unfortunately , the project was stopped . Hope authorities will look into it and revive and complete the project soon.
    Posted 07-03-2015 23:45

  • says :
    @Abdessamad B : yes today we should be more careful about the Green Dam! and we must finish the project ! it is our arm against climate change !
    Posted 07-03-2015 07:57

  • says :
    Thank you for your report,green dam is an pilot environmental project in the fight against desertification, but today it suffers from grazing intensive, the solutions that have been applied are: amendment of forest law to be more deterrent, regulate grazing, ramp up of proximity afforestation programs and adoption of practical scheme for the restoration, maintenance and expansion of the Green Dam.
    Posted 07-03-2015 06:18

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