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On The Brink Of Extinction - Northern White Rhinos

by | 29-04-2015 02:21 recommendations 0

Poaching is a challenge faced by a number of species on the planet. It?s where people hunt and kill various wind animals for sport or trophies or as a result of misguided beliefs. Kenya has been a victim of extreme poaching for many decades. The result of this has been the death and greatly declined numbers of these species. The most widely poached species in Kenya are the Elephants and the Rhinos. There are two general rhino species distinguished by the shape of their mouth... The Black Rhino with a pointed lip and the White Rhino with a wide, square shaped lip. Of the white rhino species there are the Northern and Southern subspecies.

Rhinos have been poached as a result of great demand for its horn from Far East nations fueled by the belief that it can cure various diseases and ailments ranging from headaches, hangovers or even cancer! As a result, many of the Rhinos of Africa have been poached heavily.

The most affected is the Northern White Rhino. This poor species has been poached to an extent that there were only 6 of them left in the entire world. One female in a San Diego zoo, another female in a Czech Republic zoo, 2 females and 2 males in Kenya. Unfortunately one of the two males passed away last year. There are now only 5 of them in the whole world, 4 females and 1 male.

The 4 rhinos in Kenya were brought here in 2009 with an aim of providing them with favorable breeding conditions to bring them from the verge of extinction. When one of the males, Angalifu, passed away, the pressure became more intense because there is only one male left in the world. On top of that, this rhino named Sudan, is 38 years old. The life expectancy for rhinos is 40-50 years, therefore his capacity to procreate is very low. One of the females, Najin has weak hind legs and can?t endure breeding attempts. The other female, Fatu, is infertile.

Circumstances are very unfavorable and it will literally take a miracle to save the species. With the clock ticking, veterinarians in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, where they are kept, might have to soon result to artificial methods to help bring a new generation and eventually revive the species. Should time run out unexpectedly, they may have to cross a female northern with a male southern creating an all new species.

It?s very unfortunate that the human greed has brought this poor animal this close to its end. Armed guards have to observe and protect the last surviving male Northern White rhino 24/7 because even at this sad and critical moment, he is still at risk of being poached, with an even higher bounty on him. His horn is trimmed small to deter poachers, however he shouldn't have to lose such a major part of is identity as a rhino. Let us all join in the fight against poaching and ensure that no other species is brought this close to the brink of extinction.

Kindly share this link to help raise funds for the conservation of this species:  http://www.gofundme.com/olpejeta

Guards protecting last male northern white rhino

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  • Dormant user


  • says :
    I'm happy to see that you are united against the poaching problem. Kindly share the link at the end of the article to help raise funds to support the fight for the Northern White Rhinos' lives.
    It's indeed very unfortunate that our greed will cost them their lives. The worst part is that rhino horns are made of keratin, which is the what our fingernails are made of. Why don't the poachers harvest their fingernails instead???
    @Sujan, I hope that we too can record such an amazing survival story as Nepal did.
    Posted 30-04-2015 17:14

  • Luiz Bispo says :
    That is very sad!!! We should do something!!!!!!!!!!! =( =(
    Posted 30-04-2015 11:24

  • Sujan Adhikari says :
    Same condition was prevailing in Nepal incase of ONE HORNED RHINOCEROS 3 years back but the condition has changed now due to strict rules. And counting reaches to 100 in Nepal at the present time.Thanks god we are able to save one horned rhinoceros from being extinction.
    Posted 29-04-2015 18:05

  • says :
    I agree with Arushi's view. It's really mind bugging that the main reason of its extinction is our greed. Even, a greed without proper reason, maybe placebo effect? Rhinos are beautiful and wonderful species and I feel very sad that this majestic, huge animal should be kept under the gun-fire armed guards. I hope everyone in the world to recover our humanity.
    Posted 29-04-2015 16:37

  • says :
    That is very sad. Thinking of rhinos being extinct is heartbreaking..
    Posted 29-04-2015 15:09

  • Anthony Emecheta says :
    This is very sad. So our children may grow up and never get to see what the white rhinos look like? I strongly pray the doctors succeed in saving this dying breed.
    Posted 29-04-2015 12:15

  • Arushi Madan says :
    It's really really pity that human greed for materialistic pleasures has brought this species to near extinction. I can't imagine that ONLY ONE male Northern White Rhino left worldwide and he is arm guarded 24 hours. If humans were kind enough towards these animals , there wasn't any need of spending so much on round-the-clock security , radio transmitters and many such arrangements for their protection and that money could have been used on feeding the hungry , educating the illiterate , helping the poor ...I wish people get some senses and say big No to animal products (ornaments , medicines...)
    Thanks for a very informative report , Aness.
    Posted 29-04-2015 12:02

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