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Algeria's efforts to mitigate climate change

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The issue of climate change is in Algeria an important and new challenge. In Climate Change 2007: Synthesis Report, Regional models with the IPCC scenarios applied to Algeria for the period 1990-2020 forecast growth of the average temperature of 0.8? to 1.1?, and reduced precipitation 10% with an increase in the sea level of 5 to 10 cm. Increased evaporation and decreased precipitation will accentuate the decrease of water mobilized in dams and groundwater.
Climate in Peril, UNEP, p32

By adhering to the Kyoto Protocol in 2005, Algeria has shown its determination to participate in the international effort against climate change by developing an initial strategy against climate change and numerous projects for adaptation and mitigation of changes climate.

The National Strategy Against the Climate Change :

based on components:

- Climate change adaptation,

- Mitigation of GHG emissions,

 - Institutional strengthening for mainstreaming of climate change at all levels and in all


For this purpose, a legal and regulatory framework is developed to ensure the implementation of this strategy. In the industrial sector and energy legislation is reinforced by texts of laws on energy conservation, development land, waste management, electricity and gas distribution, protection of the environment in the context of sustainable development of renewable energy, water, energy efficient audits.

A national fund for renewable energy is created for the promotion of renewable energy through the diversification of energy resources within the country.Many industrial initiatives are developed to either mitigate or adapt to climate change.

Mitigation :

The energy industry, transport and housing,these sectors are a major source for mitigation because of they are the major sources of greenhouse gases.

The main mitigation measures implemented or being implemented to reduce emissions of pollutants and greenhouse

gases are:

- Recovery of associated gas from oil wells

- The widespread use of gas in oil refineries and natural gas for domestic

- Development of hybrid plants (natural gas-solar)

- Introduction of energy efficiency in buildings,

- Solar energy development

Program for renewable energy and energy efficiency :

The new development plan for renewable energy announced in early 2011 provides for the production of 22,000 MW of electricity from solar by 2030, half of which is for the local market and the other part will be exported to other markets in Europe. This project will impact on GHG mitigation in Algeria and Europe.

The first stage (2011-2013) of the program focused on pilot projects to test different technologies available, the second (2014-2015) is the beginning of its deployment and the last (2016-2020) is that of deployment large scale. The first hybrid solar-gas plant was put into operation in 2011. With this program renewable energy electricity production will be 40% of solar origin to 2030.

The "Energy Efficiency" program includes measures to the rationalization and energy conservation. The purpose of energy efficiency is to produce the same goods or services but using the least energy possible, the program is as follows:

The program is as follows:

- Construction of 20,000 high energy performance apartments to 2020,

- The development of solar water heater ,

- The spread of low consumption lamps,

- Labeling and promotion of household electrical equipment with low energy consumption,

- Progressive development of solar cooling,

The national climate plan :

The National Climate Plan (NCP), which is in final discussion before being finally adopted by the authorities, outlines the various vulnerabilities of Algeria. The NCP is part of the vision of Rio + 20 and contributes to the global effort against climate change and sustainable development of the country. As key actions whose implementation is inexpensive and does not require significant delay implementation, are :

- Reuse of treated wastewater for agricultural adaptation to climate,

- Water- Economy,

- Adaptation agricultural calendars to climate change,

- Selection of varieties and seeds adapted to the arid climate,

- Strengthening local participation in planning, implementation and monitoring of actions relating to mitigation,and adaptation to climate

- Implementation of the monitoring mechanism and early warning extreme weather,

- Strengthening the capacity of institutions involved in climate change,

- Adaptation of the institutional and regulatory framework and implementation program of fight against climate-sensitive diseases,

- Promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the building,

- Integration of climate change in development studies and impact hazards and environmental audits and energy,

- Adaptation of climate change in the fight against desertification and land degradation,

- Enhanced protection against extreme rainfall events,

- Adaptation of urban and interurban public transport,


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  • says :
    Thank you Luiz Bispo :)
    Posted 30-10-2015 20:31

  • says :
    Thank you @shahil :), Residential buildings Contributes by 9.9 % of the total 77% of carbon dioxide emissions.
    Posted 30-10-2015 20:29

  • says :
    Thank you @Rohan Kapur for your interaction :)

    Posted 30-10-2015 20:17

  • says :
    Thank you @Arushi Madan, I also hope that key actions of NCP are implemented soon enough
    Posted 30-10-2015 20:15

  • says :
    Thank you for the comment @ Bindu Bhandrai, increased reliance on renewable sources of energy is a key element of efforts to avert climate change.

    Posted 30-10-2015 19:55

  • Luiz Bispo says :
    I am glad on reading that. Algeria is doing well to mitigate climate change. Thanks for sharing!!! Keep the green spirit =)
    Posted 29-10-2015 12:37

  • says :
    Feeling happy and proud of Algeria.I am glad to hearabout the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency in building.Respected Abdessamad,thank you for this useful information.

    Posted 28-10-2015 21:16

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Thanks for the detailed report Abdessamad. These reported actions are impressive & meaningful. Let's hope for their effective implementation as well.
    Posted 28-10-2015 20:17

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Thanks for sharing efforts of Algeria in mitigating climate change. The key actions of NCP as listed , really sound simple and inexpensive enough to implement so let's hope that they indeed are implemented soon enough. Thanks for a well organised report, Abdessamad.
    Posted 28-10-2015 18:06

  • says :
    So glad to know about the efforts of Algeria in mitigating climate change. Much happy to see the special attention to energy efficiency and clean energy. Thank you for the detailed reprot dear Abdessamad :)
    Posted 28-10-2015 13:12

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