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People's Climate March :Chitwan(Nepal)

by Rahul Acharya | 29-11-2015 00:57 recommendations 0 recommendations

?2015 is on a track to become hottest year ever recorded exceeding 2014 as well. This December hundreds of world government will meet in Paris to strike a global climate agreement(COP). It will be the biggest gathering of its kind since 2009, and it's potentially a big deal for our global movement. This has potentially led to threat of global failure of the ambition- transition to 100% renewable energy resources.? Stated 350.org This was in fact what drived us to carry outh ?People?s Climate March?.

People?s Climate March : Chitwan(Nepal)

  1. Initation:
    I(Leo Rahul Acharya) along with my leo colleagues Leo Dikshit Poudel, Leo Prarthana and Leo Bibek Ghimire incepted this idea of Climate March in our meetings and we decided to collaborate with different youths group of Chitwan. When I talked to other, similar program was being planned at other two location.

  2. Collaboration:
    My own club The Eco Minions and our regular ally Clean Up Nepal were other two leading organisation carrying out Climate March. What?s more, we merged our program to make it even more huge. After our joint collaboration, we stretched our networks with other youth organisations that barely carried out Environmental Campaign. They also got excited to join us. We had two more energetic and proactive co-ordinator with us Leo Asmita Aryal and Prashant Bhandari.  We also contacted schools and requested them to send us students.

  3. Networking:
    We then networked with Nepalese Youth for Climate Action(NYCA) and BYND 2015 Nepal Hub which has good network all over Nepal. And during our final days of preparation we merged with People?s Climate Mobilisation which were already carrying out People?s Climate March at different location of Nepal. And result is today?s huge success all over Nepal and all over world.

  4. Workshop:
    To make our beloved participants used to ?climate justice? , COP 21 and reasons behind Climate March, workshop was carried out at Agriculture and Forestry University(AFU), Rampur, Chitwan. At the same time different artists and handwritten placards were also made.

  5. Main Event:
    a. March: We got all gathered at our main venue Lions Chowk at 8 AM. Then we started distributing some placards. We informed about the format of our main event to all our participants. We progressed towards Chaubiskothi (our ending) spreading the message and demanding for Climate Justice. As per our plan, Scout team and red cross joined us through Birendra Campus. The two rally after merging became eye catching. With a great energy of school children we continued to proceed towards our end point. We were provided security(road safety) by our helpful  traffic police team.

    b. Flash Mob:
    After reaching Chaubiskothi, our rally was converted into a gathering. We made a circle there and displayed our placards to mass for 5 minutes. This was followed by a refreshing performance from Scout. After that we took a group snap to show our powers. Subsequently, we ended our March with final words from our chief guest Administrative officer of Bharatpur Sub Metropolitan City Tika Kandle

I (Leo Rahul Acharya), as one of the co-ordinator and representative form Leading organiser (Leo Club of Chitwan Central/ The Eco Minions), am thankful are thankful to The Eco-minions(#TEM #ecominions ), Leo Club of Chitwan Central ( #Lead4Need #ChitwanCentralLeo ), Clean Up Nepal, Chitwan, AgriYouthNepal(AYN), BYND2015 Nepal Hub, MRR Welfare Society Chitwan, Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA),Steps for Change, National Volunteer Program (NVP) for the participation. Also we would like to send our gratitude to NFS President Birendra Poudel, Lions Club of Chitwan Central Presedient Lions Sita Ram Devkota, Leo District Council 325 B2 Nepal vice secretary Leo Santosh Majakoti and Assistant lecturar Ananta Subeid for their presence. Our special thanks to Scout and Red Cross of Narayani Public School whose presence and active participation multiplied the charm of the events. I wholeheartedly would like to thank Leo Dikshit Poudel, Leo Prarthana Neupane, Leo Bibek ghimire, Leo Asmita Aryal and Prashant Bhandari for their co-ordination.  Also I would like to say thank you to Ishowara Dhungana sis( former ambassador) and Sujan Adhikari (Tunza Ambassador and my friend) because of whom we could spread about Tunza Eco Generation as well.

March is not the ending rather beigning of new era. Hope for the success of the COP 21.

#ClimateMarch #ClimateJustice

Click here for photos

PS the beautiful placard i'm holding is from very jubilant Reecha Acharya sister ^_^

placard tunza eco generation Leo Club me with banner

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  • Dormant user Rahul Acharya


  • Rahul Acharya says :
    I do hope next year we do a rally but a rally of victory a and happiness. We do hope we march gallantly and happily knowing our future is going to be save. #climatemarch #ClimateJustice #GlobalClimateMarch
    Posted 30-11-2015 11:29

  • Rahul Acharya says :
    Correctly pointed Arushi. We sre also expecting the same. You can't ignore such a mass of future gathering all,over world just to say protect your environment.
    Posted 30-11-2015 11:28

Arushi Madan

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Great initiative to involve like minded people in such movements. People's Climate March held at different places would surely attract attention of global leaders ensuring that this time COP21 brings practical, goal oriented decisions with success indicators . Thanks for sharing and inspiring, Rahul.
    Posted 30-11-2015 00:04

Arushi Madan

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Great initiative to involve like minded people in such movements. People's Climate March held at different places would surely attract attention of global leaders ensuring that this time COP21 brings practical, goal oriented decisions with success indicators
    Posted 30-11-2015 00:04

  • Rahul Acharya says :
    Sounds great binaya. And we too did workshop and march. And I love this concept of Awaring school children ^_^
    Posted 29-11-2015 15:14

  • Binaya Parajuli says :
    The march was too grand at Butwal Rupandehi. We were successful to conduct three events (Art Workshop, Movie Screening and People's Climate March Rupandehi) regarding climate chnage in Rupandehi district. And now we are focused on interaction programmes about climate Change and COP 21 with the youths and the secondary level students to aware them about global issues. It will be helpful to those who conduct these events in coming days.
    Posted 29-11-2015 14:27

  • Rahul Acharya says :
    We will surely rock!!!
    Posted 29-11-2015 14:14

Sujan Adhikari

  • Sujan Adhikari says :
    Yes , Rahul it was a grand success and thanks for participation in this March. We will raise our voice high and hope Global leaders will put an eye on our voice and action.
    Posted 29-11-2015 13:49

  • Rahul Acharya says :
    Thank you Rama Khadka hope to meet with you in some event and work together ^_^
    Posted 29-11-2015 13:38

  • Rahul Acharya says :
    Thank you SAdikshya ^_^
    Posted 29-11-2015 13:37

  • Sadikshya Khanal says :
    Good Event brother, such events will raise our voice high to global leaders.
    Posted 29-11-2015 12:46

  • Rama Khadka says :
    We too organised Peoples climate march here in Kathmandu also and we are very happy that the march went so well....
    Posted 29-11-2015 12:41

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