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The Motivational People

by Balraj Arpit | 04-09-2012 03:07 recommendations 0 recommendations

Hi everyone and newly appointed ambassadors, greetings from Balraj Arpit, Founder & CEO at Green Youth Generation and TUNZA Eco-Generation Regional Ambassador representing Asia-Pacific since 7th  TUNZA Eco-Generation Regional Ambassador Program. 

TUNZA Eco-Generation has become part of my life and I feel proud and pleasure to be a part of it.. :)

Today, I'm 18 years, 6 months and 10 days old youth, it means I?ve lived 6766 days or 584,582,400 seconds or 9,743,040 minutes or 162,384 hours or 966 weeks of my life. And I?m writing this for you to boost your dedication and zeal of making difference in the World.  

It comes into my mind while I was brainstorming with Researchers and Scientist of PRIST University where I'm studying Computer Science & Engineering. Lemmi give you an example of a computer. But before that I've a question for you, "Why computer give perfect solution of any mathematical problem when it understand 0 & 1 only?" Here, computer is one of my best motivator. See this, computer understand 0 & 1 only that means OFF or ON, NO or YES, TRUTH or LIE, DEAD or ALIVE and simply solve the problem. I'm inspired by this Computer behaviour and most of my decision I take like this.

When we take birth, we start crying. When we start walking then we're ~1 years old, when we start talking then we're 2-3 years old, when we start reading then we're 3-4 years old, when we start understanding then we're ~5-6 years old, when we start speaking by our mind then we're ~10 years old, when we start feeling then we're 12-14 years old and we call it maturity, when we complete our high schooling then we're 14-16 years old, when we complete our graduations then we're ~19-21 years old...this is how we keep living our life.

It was first day of my life when I'd entered into this World of Human where Human are super-organism and I was doing one things i.e. Crying!! Crying!! And Crying!! But very soon we find someone who doesn't cry. He/she became inspiration and motivation of my life that motivate us to smile at that point of Life. 

We grew up, and then we start understanding the World. Meet up with different types of people and then collaborate with them. We become part of a society where we start living our life and learn many lessons from elders and younger ones what we called gaining experience. Our parents see the child of our neighbour and ask us to be like that because he/she is smart in studies and always hold good rank. It's a mythology of parents that they always think that neighbours child is more brilliant and talented than their own. So, they all the time they ask their child to study, study & study. At this stage of our life, we've to choose that child as our motivational personality of life and study hard to get rank. But even that if it satisfy our parents then still it do not satisfy rest of the World. 

After completing matriculation with distinction marks, we've to choose a trade in which we've to make our career and live a successful life. It was the one of the difficult stage of the life when parents ask us to become a doctor when our choice is to become an engineer. If they agree but still society is there to point on our choice. Sometimes, nope, many times it happen that son/daughter of any "Chaaywala" or "Rikshawala" crack any toughest entrance exam like IIT-JEE or BPSC exams. Then, either our parents ask a question, "Why not YOU?" and we simply have no answer of this answer.

Now, rewind our life to childhood and think that, "Why we ask our Mother only for anything we want?" or, "Who was your motivational person of your life?" My answer is, "Mother". Whatever we learn in our childhood is only from our Mother and Father. I wanted to say that at this point of life, neither Mahatma Gandhi nor Mother Teresa were our motivational person of Life.

Then, remember our schooldays of our life and think why we always wanted to be rank holder of the class? Isn't it true that it was because one student of the class was more brilliant and talented than us and we wanted to hold 1st position the class? We always keep those students of the class our mind either who could remove us from 1st position or already holding 1st position of the class. And at this point of Life, the motivational person was that student to whom we always had fear. This cycle continuously run throughout the life. All the time, our motivational people are not Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa but those people who always pinch us to do something in our Life and today people call it "COMPETITION". If you wanted to be a successful person then chose your motivational person wisely.

Believe in "I'm making a difference not in I'll will make a difference."

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Founder, CEO
(Regional Ambassador at TUNZA Eco-Generation representing Asia-Pacific)

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  • Dormant user Balraj Arpit


  • Balraj Arpit says :
    @Simran..Thanks.. :)
    @Eco Generation..always welcome..And thanks for making it main article.. :)
    @Kehkashan..Thanks.. :)
    Posted 05-09-2012 10:19

  • Kehkashan Basu says :
    All the best, Balraj! Thanks for sharing this.
    Posted 05-09-2012 00:42

Eco Generation

  • Eco Generation says :
    Thank you for the message, Ambassador Balraj
    Posted 04-09-2012 11:53

Simran Vedvyas

  • Simran Vedvyas says :
    Well said,
    The future depends on what you do today ― Mahatma Gandhi

    Posted 04-09-2012 04:25

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