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1 Billion Trees Planting

by Averina Geffanie Suwana | 27-11-2012 17:55 recommendations 0 recommendations

In participating 1 Billion Trees Planting Program 2012 from Indonesian Ministry of Forestry, Sahabat Alam friends and I are inviting to be part of its program on 22 November 2012.

Sahabat Alam friends are also performing Indonesian Traditional Dances in the opening ceremony. We are also briefed on the technique of planting trees by the staff experts from Indonesian Ministry of Forestry.

Based on the Indonesian President's Rule No. 24 Year 2008, Indonesian Government has decided that 28 November is celebrated as Hari Menanam Pohon Indonesia (Indonesian Planting Trees Day) and December is Bulan Menanam Indonesia (Indonesian Planting Trees Month).


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  • Dormant user Averina Geffanie Suwana


Czar Demeterio

  • Czar Demeterio says :
    1 Billion Trees is good enough for the benefit of more than 1 billion people. Indonesia will be blessed with their effort for our very own earth :)
    Posted 31-03-2013 13:16

  • Unmesh Datta says :
    thats really a great news...an inspiring fact for the other countries also....

    Posted 04-12-2012 02:49

  • Averina Geffanie Suwana says :
    Hai Unmesh, thank you very much for your posting. For info, Indonesia would like to reduce the carbon emission 26% before 2020. As quoted from the Indonesian President's Speech during the National Planting Day 28 November 2012, He mentioned that this planting trees program is not only the government program but it is also the Indonesian's people movement in trees planting. http://www.republika.co.id/berita/nasional/umum/12/11/28/me6qt0-sby-gerakan-menanam-pohon-adalah-gerakan-rakyat

    Posted 03-12-2012 18:02

  • Averina Geffanie Suwana says :
    Hai Shruti, they have achieved 732 millions trees planted from Jan-Oct 2012. It has achieved about 73% from the target. http://www.republika.co.id/berita/nasional/umum/12/11/28/me76vk-menhut-optimis-tanam-1-miliar-pohon
    Posted 03-12-2012 17:35

  • Unmesh Datta says :
    Great initiative indeed...all the very best....but just one question : To my knowledge one tree requires 20 sq m area and to plant 1 billion tree you require a vacant huge land area (approximately 2% of entire Indonesia land area) ...I hope it is not a political agenda..
    Posted 03-12-2012 04:02

  • shruti roy says :
    Very Big target. How much have been completed so far?

    Posted 03-12-2012 02:21

  • Averina Geffanie Suwana says :
    Shibajyoti, thank you very much. Yes, I also hope that Indonesia will fulfill 1 billion trees planting this year. Warmest regards also from Indonesia, Shibajyoti.

    Have a great Sunday too.
    Posted 02-12-2012 10:14

  • Averina Geffanie Suwana says :
    Rajashree, great success also for you and your team in planting 400 trees in India. We still have 1 more month to end this year 2012. Let's plant trees together. Have a great Sunday, Rajashree.
    Posted 02-12-2012 10:00

  • Shibajyoti Choudhury says :
    Nice see the dancer and your team ,
    For Hari Menanam Pohon Indonesia
    Let fulfill one billion plantation dream,
    Sending our Best wishes from India.

    Posted 01-12-2012 18:25

  • rajashree choudhury says :
    Very Good Initiative. In India we had also initiated such project. Our team planted 400 nos. trees in this year 2012.
    Posted 01-12-2012 17:22

  • Averina Geffanie Suwana says :
    Neha, How are you? Let us know when you visit Indonesia again. We could bring you to see all interesting and green places in Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung and islands in Indonesian Thousands Islands. You could also plant mangroves, native Indonesian trees, coral reefs and release hawksbill see turtles back to its nature.

    Posted 01-12-2012 13:24

Neha Swaminathan

  • Neha Swaminathan says :
    Hai Averina,
    So happy to know that Indonesia has achieved the target to plant 1 billion trees every year 2010, 2011. Wishing success for 2012. I visited Bandung this summer and the place was so green and lovely. Congrats for your great work.
    Posted 01-12-2012 12:51

  • Averina Geffanie Suwana says :
    Kehkashan, Have a great weekend too. My warmest regards to your mom too.
    Posted 01-12-2012 01:52

  • Kehkashan Basu says :
    Hi Averina! Miss you too. Have a great weekend!
    Posted 01-12-2012 01:22

  • Averina Geffanie Suwana says :
    Kehkashan, how are you? Miss you so much. Hope to see you again.
    Posted 30-11-2012 21:05

  • Averina Geffanie Suwana says :
    Ms. Christy, I post an article from the media which Indonesian Minister of Forestry stating that the target to plant 1 billion trees every year has been achieved from 2010, 2011 and hopefully 2012.

    Posted 30-11-2012 21:03

Christy Lee

  • Christy Lee says :
    Averina, I am wondering one thing. Is really Indonesia planning to plant 1 billion trees?
    Is there any time plan too?
    Posted 29-11-2012 08:12

Christy Lee

  • Christy Lee says :
    The costums are fantastic!
    Posted 28-11-2012 16:06

  • Averina Geffanie Suwana says :
    Simran, thank you. How are you doing. My best regards to your parents too.
    Posted 27-11-2012 18:28

Simran Vedvyas

  • Simran Vedvyas says :
    Vow that's Amazing Congrats!
    Posted 27-11-2012 18:20

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