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Strikes: Vandalization of Nature.

by Mahsinur Rahman | 24-04-2013 02:25 recommendations 0 recommendations

Hartal* (Strike) is now one of the ways of ?protesting? in Bangladesh. Although, it looks like a way to harm the nature and the Human beings at the same time. Most of the political parties of Bangladesh have used this as their way of ?protesting?. Well, I just want to know:  What will burning cars Cutting Trees and bombing bring on the society? I don't think any good.

In Every Hartal, a lot of cars are burnt without any specific reason. Many trees are cut down and many tires are burnt to make a road-block. This is a serious harm to the environment and Human Life. I urge upon every Bengali's and others to stop this nonsense.

Many people become injured even faces death during this so-called "strikes".

# A banner saying HARTAL.
# A bus torched by the protesters.
# A car torched by the protesters.
# A road-block created by cutting trees.
# No. of vehicles vandalized by the protesters.
(Except the first one, all of the pictures were collected from various sources including post from newspapers)(The first one was shot by me)

*Hartal: is a term in many South Asian language for strike/action,
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  • Dormant user Mahsinur Rahman


  • Sabin Sapkota says :
    Thank you for sharing.
    Posted 27-08-2013 16:20

Raunak Kapur

  • Raunak Kapur says :
    Live and let live
    Posted 29-04-2013 22:41

Arushi Madan

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Hartals or strikes should be avoided as much as possible. If not avoidable , it should be non violent by proposals and suggestions to management or govt. Nobody gains anything from violent strikes. Time to follow Great Mahatma Gandhi's footsteps of non voilence.
    Posted 28-04-2013 01:45

Christy Lee

  • Christy Lee says :
    Thanks Dhiroj&Pratap for more input. I've heard of the tragedy occurred yesterday in Dhaka.
    I wish the victims can recover from the demolition of the building soon and get proper compensation...
    Posted 26-04-2013 08:33

Pratap Maharjan

  • Pratap Maharjan says :
    destruction of nature and properties of innocent to fulfill demand of handful people and corrupt politician is just ridiculous and completely nonsense ..should stop such activities..

    Posted 25-04-2013 18:16

  • firas douss says :
    Nice report dear friend :) ..
    Posted 25-04-2013 17:05

  • Dhiroj Prasad Koirala says :
    The political situation is almost same in Nepal. Strike is not a new thing here. But after the step toward peace process, it is slightly reduced.
    Posted 25-04-2013 11:53

Christy Lee

  • Christy Lee says :
    I imagined my car burning by protesters without any proper reason or compensation.
    It's horrible!
    Posted 25-04-2013 09:38

  • Mahsinur Rahman says :
    @Smriti: I am living this hope everyday................... :)
    Posted 25-04-2013 00:20

  • Smriti Limbu says :
    same is the case in Nepal. let us hope everything will be fine someday
    Posted 24-04-2013 22:15

  • Rajashree Choudhury says :
    Bangladesh is the land of nice peoples, Don't worry , situation will change.
    Posted 24-04-2013 21:51

  • Mahsinur Rahman says :
    @Geetica: Yes...I agree with you..........But, the scenario here in Bangladesh is totally Different....................
    Posted 24-04-2013 19:25

  • Geetika . says :
    oh well! You should think about laws such as "Right to protest" where peaceful strikes are organised with guidance of the govt., even if it's against the govt. This is a law in india. Helps escaping such fierce situations .
    Hartals are necessary for democracies! and should be made peaceful!

    Thanks for the report :)
    Posted 24-04-2013 14:27

  • Mahsinur Rahman says :
    My freinds comment about Hartal: "It's more like a Amon Amarth concert."..........\m/
    Posted 24-04-2013 12:42

  • Mahsinur Rahman says :
    Yes.....I agree with you too...........Mahathma Gandhi started "Hartal" as a peaceful way of protesting. Now it is a plain terorism............ :/
    Posted 24-04-2013 12:40

Christy Lee

  • Christy Lee says :
    There's a saying like this : "Terror is the last resort for unheard voices"
    But I don't agree with that sentence at all.
    Throughout the history, nothing had been earned through these kind of destructive actions.

    Thank you for sharing, Mahsinur :)
    Posted 24-04-2013 08:38

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