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Mali, the elephant in Manila Zoo

by Bam Azores | 30-07-2013 22:47 recommendations 0

Who is Vishwamali?  She is a female elephant in the Manila Zoo who is in the news because people are saying that she should be removed from her present condition.  Mali, as she is called, was donated over 30 years ago by the government of SriLanka to the Philippines when she was orphaned at 4 yrs old.  Since then Mali has lived in the Manila Zoo.

Mali has grown to a normal adult elephant size. She is now 36 years old, weighing 7 tons or 14,000 pounds.  She lives alone in an enclosure in the Zoo.

Many people even celebrities are asking that she be moved to better places like a sanctuary for aging elephants in the United States or to a Zoo in Subic owned the Yupangco family.  But right now, the government of Manila said that Mali is not going anywhere. She is staying right where she is in the Manila Zoo.

Link to read:  http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/191423/manila-zoo-rejects-uk-rocker%E2%80%99s-plea-to-retire-mali-the-elephant-in-us

Mali, the elephant, linteracts with children who bring bananas

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  • says :
    bst wishes to u vishwamali
    Posted 30-08-2013 10:29

  • says :
    Thanks for supporting a good cause, Bam
    Posted 22-08-2013 19:24

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Alas! all the best for her.
    Posted 21-08-2013 20:28

  • says :
    nice picture really!
    Posted 01-08-2013 01:34

  • says :
    Posted 31-07-2013 23:00

  • says :
    Thanks for sharing! She seems quite aged..
    Posted 31-07-2013 19:47

  • says :
    thank you for sharing
    Posted 31-07-2013 18:44

  • says :
    thanks for sharing.
    Posted 31-07-2013 15:25

  • says :
    thanks for sharing.
    Posted 31-07-2013 14:19

  • says :
    it's high time to take care of vishwamali.
    Posted 31-07-2013 14:12

  • says :
    thanks for sharing
    Posted 31-07-2013 12:01

  • says :
    That's nice!
    Posted 31-07-2013 04:47

  • says :
    hope Vishwamali have better life where ever she go!
    Posted 31-07-2013 02:02

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