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a little stroll in a garden of a young togolese !

by Mensa TSEDZE | 23-08-2013 01:27 recommendations 0 recommendations


Today we fly to Africa, Togo direction! I invite you to follow Kokou in the beautiful organic garden which he attends, and other young people with lots of love. A beautiful project that was born in 2009, always with attention to respect the land, the people around him and to leave behind a "clean earth for our children."
cultivator shovel rake

First, I warmly thank Kokou for this great interview! It was a great pleasure for me to talk to him!

1. A small presentation of your garden to start ...

The garden was created in October 2009 in Togo, in the prefecture of Kloto by young students formed an association named APEPDJ-TOGO (Association for the Protection of the Environment and Promotion of Youth Development). The garden measuring 75m x 80m is 6000 m?and is run by four young.

But now I move only in Senegal since the month of April 2013 in Dakar to promote urban agriculture. I also take care of crops out of the garden, in the form of personal training in an area of ​󈑠m x 40m (800 sqm).

2. What is the project for you, what were your initial goals?

This project was an early empowerment of young people who engage in organic production and say "no thank you Pesticide! Our grandparents did not know you but they managed their productions." Our objectives are to work for the improvement of socio-cultural and environmental conditions of populations consuming uncontaminated food and respect the ecosystem.

3. From an environmental point of view, what methods do you use to replace pesticides and chemicals?

Since 2009, we have worked together to respect the environment by using these methods:

- We cut the potatoes and put them under the pile of boards in different places in the garden where the need arises. The next morning, we find the invaders under the pile of planks and put them at a reasonable distance from the garden where they can live better without damage to vegetables.

- We also use the trap of beer we put on plates to attract to these invaders instead of going to destroy vegetables and where they swell in the morning as balloons.

- We bring the "garden assistants" in the garden as spiders, frogs, bees, "ladies with golden eyes" (green lacewings) ... to fight against the invaders: war and peace in the garden.

- We fertilize the soil with manure from poultry farmers and ranchers to promote the work of earthworms that are true and gardeners who work day and night. The hills also have a role as regulator and stability in the garden.

4. Love you particular difficulties due to hazards and climate characteristics?

The beginning of anything is never easy especially as we change the area where it is also warmer. So with the experience and the use of these techniques bio, I want good results with extra! I grow okra, beets, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, pepper, eggplant and grass "nana" for tea. I am satisfied with my harvest.

5. Have you noticed a change in the vision of the people of organic farming?

Yes, I have noticed a big change: organic farming is eat to be fit and healthy naturally. Everything produced is biologically healthy and keeps more. For cons, more than half of what is produced with pesticides is in the trash. I want to educate consumers and farmers, the first victims of the evils of pesticides in order to say no to their use and, ultimately, promote organic production.

6. When you look at all the work done until now, are you satisfied? How do you see the future for your garden? Projects?

Today, I am pleased with the courage given to work despite the difficulties and words of discouragement each other with regard to organic production. I have a good future for my garden because the ground gives me hope. As a project, I will wish to create an agro-ecological farm in Togo for a better future for people and leave behind a clean earth for our children. We also need partners and support for the realization of this great project in Togo.

7. Finally, a note to my readers, fans of organic vegetable ...

All organic garden enthusiasts, thank you! I also urge you call this: continue to give a good image to the agro-bio, consuming uncontaminated food ... to ban the misuse of pesticides by those who are animated by the spirit  profit and nothing else.
the young in the garden

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Christy Lee

  • Christy Lee says :
    I am so proud of you Mensa! Keep going :D
    Posted 26-08-2013 15:10

  • Anjani Joshi says :
    Great initiative! Thank you for sharing!
    Posted 26-08-2013 01:25

Dharmendra Kapri

  • Abhishek Bajracharya says :
    "Go organic no thanks to pesticides" keep it up. Hope to learn more on organic agriculture..
    Posted 25-08-2013 02:59

  • Sabin Sapkota says :
    Thank you for sharing.
    Posted 24-08-2013 20:33

  • Sahadev sahadev says :
    really great informative report!
    Posted 24-08-2013 20:05

Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Amazing work at grass root level, Menza
    Posted 24-08-2013 14:51

  • gaheun lee says :
    done a pretty great job!
    Posted 24-08-2013 14:20

Raunak Kapur

  • Raunak Kapur says :
    Mensa, The Garden looks great.
    Posted 24-08-2013 13:30

  • Anne Tachado says :
    All the best! Kudos for keeping the spirits up :)
    Posted 24-08-2013 00:11

  • Anne Tachado says :
    All the best! Kudos for keeping the spirits up :)
    Posted 24-08-2013 00:11

Fanisa Dwita Hanggarani

  • Sabin Sapkota says :
    Thank you for sharing
    Posted 23-08-2013 10:32

Arushi Madan

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Informative report , thanks.
    Posted 23-08-2013 03:02

Simran Vedvyas

  • Simran Vedvyas says :
    Great Report All the Best Mensa loved it!
    Posted 23-08-2013 01:53

  • k k thwe sunn says :
    real practical work.
    Posted 23-08-2013 01:40

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