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Water Pollution in Argentina

by | 23-04-2017 07:20 recommendations 0

BUENOS AIRES- In a country where 11% of the population  doesn?t have access to clean water due to either lack of infrastructure or water pollution. Amongst polluted rivers and lakes, the most renowned case is that of the Riachuelo. 

The Riachuelo is one of the most polluted rivers in a world, ranked 11th by a global study made by the Swiss Red Cross. Around 15.000 industries contaminate the river y chemical manufacturers are responsible for over a third of the pollution in this river. Studies made in 2008 detected nusual high levels of zinc, lead, nickel and copper. 

Over 5 million people live in areas that are affected by the river?s pollution and amongst these, 35% doesn?t have access to clean water. Although since 2008 there have been efforts to decrease, clear results have not yet been seen.

Other rivers in Argentina also suffer from pollution from different sources: agriculture, mining, urban zones and industries. These conflict zones are spread throughout the whole country from the south to the north. 

In the present there aren?t a lot of measures controlling pollution, but changes have been compared if you look at the past. Still a lot of process is yet to be made so that everyone can access clean water.

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  • says :
    thanks for sharing
    Posted 06-02-2018 22:26

  • says :
    good report
    Posted 06-02-2018 22:24

Aaditya Singh

  • Aaditya Singh says :
    It is an alarming matter. Thanks for your report Carolina highlighting water pollution in Argentina.
    Posted 14-05-2017 00:56

  • says :
    Hi Carolina, thanks for sharing your report on water pollution in Argentina.
    I'm sorry to hear that the situation is bad compared to other countries, but there are no explicit improvements from the measures taken. What do you think the most urgent measure is to take? Thanks again!
    Posted 25-04-2017 11:16

  • says :
    Carolina, thank you for you report. The fact that the river Riachuelo is 11th most polluted river in the world sound terrible, but at the same time this is a chance for Argentina to prove how much the government cares about the environment. If you find any major measures to deal with Riachuelo, please write about it!
    Posted 23-04-2017 22:15

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