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Problem of waste in the commune of Port Bouet

by | 11-08-2017 20:41 recommendations 0

We are facing in the city of Abidjan one of the greatest challenges the environment could face anywhere. Here, we are unable to control waste. The city of Abidjan possesses ten communes and one of its commune called Port Bouet is dealing with uncontrolled waste. This situation is growing from time to time and today it is becoming almost impossible to now find ways and means to solve the problem of waste in that commune.
The commune of Port Bouet is where you can find the main airport of the country, that is to say it is the border between the country and the rest of the world. It is also where you can find the Ocean and a big side of the lagoon, so it possesses beaches for excursions and distraction. This shows the touristic potential of that commune. But this commune has a great problem with waste. You find dumps every where and they are not cleaned out. This situation brings several consequences.
The proliferation of waste is very dangerous for the the land itself. In addition to that, it pollutes the air by releasing Green House Gases and this affects directly the atmosphere, therefore we assist to a change in the atmosphere and this impacts negatively the climate. Undoubtedly, this leads to climate change which is the greatest environmental challenge the world has ever faced. Also, the untreated waste have negative impact on the health of the populations as the odor released in the air is breathed by the people, and children and old people are the most touched. This phenomenon of waste also threatens the touristic potential of The commune and sells a very bad image of the country as it is the first area people meet when they arrive in the country. Concerning the touristic potential, the beaches are no longer attended by many people due to the dirty environment of  The commune it can lead to loss of job and then increase the unemployment rate of youth. We can sum up that beyond its impact on the environment and the social level, waste in this commune also has an impact on the economy. What can we then do?
Solutions can be found at three levels. The first level concerns the authorities of the commune who have to take action to give a beautiful image and maintain the economic revenue of the commune by also keeping the people safe. The second level deals with environmental NGOs and youth led associations which can undertake sensitization actions to reduce waste in homes, in schools and work places. The third level concerns environmental activists and leaders like the Eco Generation Ambassador who can undertake education actions within schools and organize clean up actions every month with students from different schools.

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  • says :
    Frederic, it's sad situation. Maybe, to solve that, the waste should be sorted and a program about waste management should be implemented.
    Posted 14-08-2017 03:13

  • says :
    Frederic, thank you for your report. It seems like the problem with the waste is severe in Port Bouet. Your three levels suggestion could be a good solution. Although the situation seems serious, I hope it gets better.
    Posted 14-08-2017 01:00

  • says :
    Hi Frederic, thanks for sharing your report on waste issue in your country.
    I'm deeply sorry that Abidjan is facing seious issue regarding uncontrolled waste. This is such a widespread problem and i think you could get helpful advices by seeing how other countries could overcome this matter!
    Posted 13-08-2017 23:35

  • says :
    This is indeed a serious issue which can yield many effects to the environment, as well as the people there. I really hope the authorists or activists will start to take measures soon. Anyway, thank you for sharing this with us.

    Posted 12-08-2017 23:38

  • Prakriti Dhakal says :
    Yeah waste management system must me well implementated, hope this issue would be solved soon for clean environment.
    Thank you friend for sharing about the conditioj over there, we have different measure for clean safety measures like 4R technique and also find some activist and start the project yourself.
    Posted 12-08-2017 01:51

Aaditya Singh

  • Aaditya Singh says :
    It is sad to know about the waste management problems in the Port Bouet commune of Abidjan. Thanks for highlighting this issue through your report, Frederic. Before we start thinking of ways to manage the waste, we have to think of the 3Rs- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, so that we cut down the waste at source itself before it goes to the landfills and/or needs to be managed. This calls for awareness among the masses. Activists, NGOs and government can all collaborate and work in this direction. Using organic waste for generating bio-gas and recycling all possible inorganic waste, can help reduce the waste issues considerably.
    Posted 11-08-2017 22:34

  • says :
    Sorry, I am unable to upload pictures but I will send them once available. Thanks
    Posted 11-08-2017 20:43

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