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Insight into the Threatened Types of wildlife in the UAE

by Rohan Kapur | 27-10-2017 05:13 recommendations 0

The UAE country is actively engaged & tirelessly working to protect and even breed various endangered species. I bring to you a few of the Endangered Species in the UAE:

Hawksbill turtle

Status: Critically endangered

Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi are regular nesting grounds for them. They are vital for preservation of coral reefs. In Aub Dhabi coral reefs exists in abundance.  Hawksbill turtle consumes sponges, and this aids corals in their growth. It is estimated that one turtle can consume over 454 kilograms of sponges per year. Without them, sponges have the ability to overgrow corals and suffocate reefs. Therefore, its essential to preserve them so that ecological balance may be maintained.


Arabian Leopard

Status: Critically endangered


A few decades ago Arabian Leopard thrived in the Arabian Peninsula. Now their population has decreased drastically. Only 250 numbers are in the wild. Indiscriminate killing has made them almost extinct. Sharjah & Muscat have established their breeding centers. Since 1998 Sharjah has augmented a pair of Arabian Leopard to 35 numbers.


Arabian Tahr

Status: Endangered

The Arabian tahr is the Arabian Peninsula?s only large, endemic mammal. Conservation initiatives have helped slowly combat the declining numbers of the Arabian tahr, but researchers say it will take efforts on a much larger scale to stabilise its waning population. Poaching & illegal hunting have contributed to their decline


Spiny-tailed lizard

Status: Vulnerable

Often known as ?samakat al sahra? or ?fish of the desert? and even termed ?little dinosaur? or ?dragon?, the spiny-tailed lizard is a variation in a species that has lasted for millions of years. The lizards are also used for food and medicinal purposes. But their population has declined over 30 percent in past 3 decades. We help to mobilize their population by becoming aware of the presence of lizard communities and avoid camping and driving across their territory. Advise neighbours or visitors to the area of the existence of a lizard colony.


Socotra Cormorant

Status: Vulnerable

Rapid coastal developments, oil spills, and other human disturbances are the main causes of their population decline. Due to above factors & causes parent birds are forced to abandon their eggs and chicks, leaving them vulnerable to predators like gulls. These birds are legally protected in the UAE and their numbers are slowly increasing.


Dear Readers this was an insight into some of the endangered species in the middle East. Some pictures are attached for a ready reference. Thanks for reading.


Source: The National Newspaper, Gulf Today, pictures source Gulf News.



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Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Thanks Stephanie, your are right legal protection is a must for such species. Sorry for late response.
    Posted 17-11-2017 03:59

Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Thanks Sumit. UAE is really active nation in this regard.
    Posted 17-11-2017 03:58

  • Sumit Chowdhury says :
    I never knew that UAE has these endangered species. Thanks for letting us know about the continents endangered animals. Collaborative effort of public and private agencies is needed to curb these species from getting extinct.
    Posted 27-10-2017 22:41

  • says :
    Hi, Rohan! Thanks for your report on endangered animals in the UAE. These animals are truly fascinating. It hurts to know that many animals, such as the Arabian Tahr, have become endangered because of poaching. This shows that legal protection should be mandatory. Nice work!
    Posted 27-10-2017 16:54

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