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Green-Haired Turtle Known For Breathing Through Its Genitals, Is Now 'Endangered'

by Rahul Kumar Patel | 13-04-2018 14:03 recommendations 0

Several animal populations have been added to the endangered list and there seems to be no end it. It's sad and disheartening to see so many wonderful creatures approach their deaths.

The latest to be added to the list is the green-haired turtle. The turtle is known for breathing through its genitals - which is one of its many striking features. The turtle is only found in Mary river in Queensland.The reptile species have been added to a new list of the most vulnerable reptile species compiled by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL). The turtle has been placed on the 30th spot on the list. 

The turtle's popularly identified by its 'punk' appearance that is derived from vertical strands of algae growing on its head as well on its body. The turtle also makes for a great house pet for it has a docile nature.Other endangered species on the list include the Round Island keel-scaled boa from Mauritius, the minute leaf chameleon from Madagascar; and the gharial, a freshwater crocodile found in the rivers of northern India and Nepal.Here's hoping that the species survive through the test of time. Because dwindling numbers of species across the world is a constant reminder that we are inching towards the end much faster than we should. 

Picture source- Green India.


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  • Basanta Adhikari says :
    Greeting rahul
    I hope you are doing well
    Nicely written
    Thank you so much for this report.
    Keep writing
    Green cheers!
    Posted 23-03-2020 11:04

  • Joon Ho Mentor says :
    Hello Rahul, added onto the news a couple of weeks ago, rare and spectacular species in Earth is facing extinction.
    No shelters or care given, it is hard to survive in harsh habitat changes especially in case of drastic changes.
    Apart from emotional sympathy for these species, our activities without much engagement into the ecosystem can help them survive changes and challenges.
    Please share us about other species' stories next time, too!
    Posted 15-04-2018 01:00

  • Gyeongrin mentor says :
    Hello Rahul!
    It is sad to hear about new animal species getting on the endangered list. It really shows that our mother nature isn't as it should be and is undergoing severe pollution. I hope more effort could be done to maintain the living condition of such endangered species so that we could still see them in our future.
    Thanks for sharing the information :)
    Posted 15-04-2018 00:22

Aaditya Singh

  • Aaditya Singh says :
    Thanks for sharing this topic with us Rahul. I think it is sad how more and more animals are being added to the list of 'most vulnerable' or 'endangered'. I think people should take more care of these animals and experts should try to promote breeding between these species so that the population increases. This turtle because of its unique appearance and qualities would be a target for poachers and hunters so I think they should be kept in more protected environments to ensure their safe growth and reproduction.
    Posted 14-04-2018 06:00

  • Bharat Adhikari says :
    Thanks for sharing this. :) :)
    Posted 13-04-2018 14:17

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