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Thematic Report: Youth and the Environment

by Jaewon Chang | 20-09-2019 16:49 recommendations 0

Climate change has been a pressing issue all the time. At one point you may have wondered "What happens when the icebergs melt?". Sea levels rising, rising temperatures, higher ocean temperatures, and more. The list for effects that can be caused from climate change goes on infinitely. In recent years, climate change has become more of a prominent issue, and it is up to the youth to find a solution for this problem.

Greta Thunberg is a notable climate change activist. Thunberg began advocating for climate change by sitting outside of the Swedish Parliament every friday, holding up a poster to demand for a restoration in the Paris climate agreement. What initially began as a movement she began alone, it is now recognized as one of the prime examples of an active climate change advocate.

Greta Thunberg's work should serve as a role model, one that we can view and look up to. However, she is not the only prominent advocate in society today. There are other examples of youth who have showed interest in solving the issue of climate change. Lesein Yes, a 15 year old boy from Kenya combined his interests of playing football and outdoor activities, after hearing about deforestation and climate change. In doing so, he plants a tree for every goal that he scores. 

Ella and Caitlin McEwan, are two sisters from Southampton who petitioned for fast food restautants to remove plastic toys from kids' meal. The petition raised the attention of 400,000 people. Mcdonalds now offers an option between plastic toys and a fruit, and Burger King agreed to remove plastic toys altogether.

Finally, Aditya Mukarji, a 15 year old from India has been campaigning to prevent the usage of plastic straws. There are many notable individuals who help in preserving our environment. We teenagers are capable of making change. There are many individuals as mentioned above who are great examples. Our actions do not need to be as big as removing the usage of plastic utencils in a fast food restaurant. We can begin raising awareness to our peers on the issue of climate change. Ultimately, it is upon us youth to find a solution to climate change as a global issue.

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Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Hello Jaewon

    I do hope that you are fine and doing great with your works.
    Thank you for your report about Youth and the Environment

    Green Cheers from Nepal :)
    Keep writing great reports.
    We are eager to read more reports from you.

    Kushal Naharki

    Posted 04-10-2019 19:02

  • Hyeongmin Mentor says :
    Hello Jaewon!
    Climate change is right on our face and we should act now.
    We know what to do, but it??s not an easy thing to start right away.
    These role models you mentioned are very good examples of courageous youths who started to make difference.
    Out actions cannot all be as famous as theirs, but small actions we take will also bring huge impact in preserving the environment.
    Thank you for the great report! Keep up with the good work!

    Posted 22-09-2019 13:40

Meena Pandey

  • Meena Pandey says :
    Thank you for such a informative report.
    Keep writing and shining.
    Warm regards,
    Meena Pandey
    Posted 21-09-2019 00:19

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