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Thematic Report, May. Upcycling.

by Vazira Ikhtiyorova | 17-05-2021 06:13 recommendations 0

Dear all,

Hope you are doing well. I have been thinking a lot if I need to share general information about recycling like our other fellow ambassadors, yet I made a decision to do both and focus on its advantages.

Thankfully, the term and topic was indeed interesting to me and made me research more. Yet, I don't want you all to dive into world of internet facts. I must be honest, in Uzbekistan, Upcycling isn't commonly used. I could find only one article in Uzbek by searching "Upcycling in Uzbekistan", hence, the same goes to its adaptation. The article urges citizens to learn from a German experience by making it as a brand. 

The Eastern culture has always been mysterious to the West or the rest of the world. What do I mean by this is wealthy lifestyle is in a very high priority,  like doing a wedding for 100-500 people which only leads to food waste, and not only! Yes, you might be shocked as in some parts of the world it is only like a small party reaching maximum hundred people. 

In addition, even during the wedding decorations or wearing, people would like everything new, not used once more or used and edited like Upcycling. Therefore, applying Upcycling could be a problem but I do believe that it is possible because impossible is possible. However, what made me happy is we do Upcycling with plastics and recycling with trash. Also, there has been parliamentary amendments in Constitution abut above-mentioned topic. 

When it comes to personal experience of Upcycling, I would definitely say it is  getting an almost new cloth from my sister or cousin, edit/modify some parts of it and wear with proud. Why by being proud, while we are able to buy it? I was taught in that way that for every piece of cloth we will answer, need to lessen waste, and be proud of having a caring sister to give me it as it is new. Sharing is caring, as they say. Personally, I just loved and still love being able to join Upcycling community who doesn't think about themselves but about the environment, people and next generation! Do suggest you all start implementing by small acts , we will achieve big impacts. Hope I could convey, thanks!


  • Uzbekistan Former E-gen Ambassador Vazira Ikhtiyorova
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  • Yuseon Mentor says :
    Hi Vazira,

    This is your mentor Yuseon:D

    I'm sorry to hear that upcycling isn't activated in Uzbekistan yet.
    However, if we think it backwards, I think it means it would also be a good opportunity to promote it and activate it. This would be the positive affect of Tunza. You might be able to be the one to start and spread this system to your nation.

    You have mentioned about weddings. Actually, I think although it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it is actually a lot of waste to use every new product, since it is also as I've mentioned, 'you only get to use it once'.

    Thanks for this article:)

    Keep up the good work!!
    Posted 31-05-2021 17:30

  • Debbie Mentor says :
    Hi Vazira,

    This is your mentor Debbie :)

    Thanks for sharing about the current situation of upcycling in Uzbekistan. I must say, since upcycling is adding value on top of recycling, this could be more difficult than recycling itself, and that might be part of the reasons why upcycling is not something significant in Uzbekistan yet.

    Anyways, I agree that extravagant wedding leads to much waste. If we can recycle or, even better, upcycle the leftovers after a wedding that could be good idea. :)

    I appreciated reading the article! Keep up the work! :D

    Best Regards,
    Posted 27-05-2021 23:25

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