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Free Report - Mangroves

by Sainath Manikandan | 17-05-2021 16:11 recommendations 0

This month I would like to share some useful information on Mangroves.

I guess most of you might have either studied about it or have seen them, isn’t it?

The salt tolerant mangrove trees are shrubs or woody plants. They help in regulating climate change. Do you know how? They store carbon and aid in it. Apart from that, they also provide food and shelter to many marine and bird species. Mangroves also harbor high densities of juvenile fish. It serves as a nursery area for them. They flourish in very harsh conditions and occupy intertidal zones.

Have you heard the news that mangroves are declining at a very fast and alarming rate? The sad part is yes, it is.

You will be astonished to know that the threats that mangroves are facing are due to our activities. Can you imagine what might be the activities? They are coastal development, land conversion. Now let’s look at a few facts regarding them.

I studied about the forest structure of mangroves in Abu Dhabi. I have seen the majority of them being healthy across the coastline. They cover a total area of 76 sq.km. The mangrove distribution here is of highest density in the eastern part with a decline towards the west of Abu Dhabi. I forgot to mention that mangroves also help in protecting the shorelines from storms, erosion, flooding. They are our coastline shield.

As per research and study, mangrove’s average height here in Abu Dhabi is 5 m (approx.) with an average circumference of up to 40 cm. The young trees reach up to 3 m and with a circumference of up to 20 cm.

Now I would like to share about an agency which has been working tirelessly to protect the local species in Abu Dhabi. EAD (Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi) has taken various actions and implemented n number of measures to protect the mangroves. They constantly take assessments of these mangroves and keep monitoring them. They develop conservation strategies. They also conduct rehabilitation work and plant them in lost areas and of course raise awareness in public about the importance of mangroves. Through these measures, Abu Dhabi has seen an increase in mangrove over the years. They have established marine protected areas. These aids as a tool to protect the endangered marine species and their habitats.

I recently visited a mangrove park in Abu Dhabi. It is Jubail Mangrove Park/Sanctuary. I watched a lot of marine species which are native to Abu Dhabi. There is a broad walk which allowed me to enjoy the nature and also understand the important ecological function of the mangrove habitats.


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  • Yuseon Mentor says :
    Hi Sainath,

    This is your mentor Yuseon:D

    The pictures look beautiful. Would love to see those scenery with my own eyes. Mangrove trees are one of my mother's favorite ones. I didn't know they were hard to find. It's still good to know they are getting larger in species.

    I also thought Abu Dhabi was a city with dunes and deserts. Quite surprised to find those trees swamped with water.

    Green Cheers,

    Posted 31-05-2021 23:32

  • Debbie Mentor says :
    Hi Sainath,

    This is your mentor Debbie :)

    It??s great to hear that through various measures the mangrove tree counts are increasing! They indeed seem to be an important part of the ecosystem especially in Abu Dhabi.

    I wish I could visit the mangrove park you??ve visited! The weather also looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Sainath! :)

    Best Regards,
    Posted 27-05-2021 23:31

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