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Thematic Report, July. Carbon Neutrality .

by Vazira Ikhtiyorova | 25-07-2021 11:16 recommendations 0

Dear all,

Hope you are doing well. Having read posts by our fellow ambassador, I learned a lot from their countries, what they are tackling with, and proposing to be implemented. I will be doing my best about my country, Uzbekistan, located in the heart of Central Asia.

Past 2 years Uzbekistan experienced the hottest summer reaching even 60 Celsius, and even the end of the months reached limits. Almost impossible to compare the weather back decades ago! Yet, the reason of mentioning here is caused by global worming, greenhouse effects. Obviously, the core reasons are carbon dioxide, water vapour, and some other gases in the air. In addition, loosing biodiversity impacts a lot!

The United Nation has higgled the important of this issue, launched and still launching several programs to act somehow at least. As you might be familiar with Sustainable Development Goals aimed at achieving by 2030, the another has been running to achieve by 2050. It is considered as the most urgent mission ever to be completed. While the Covid-19 epidemic has temporarily lowered emissions, CO2 levels remain at historic highs — and growing. Pandemic recovery provides us with an unexpected but critical chance to combat climate change, repair our global ecosystem, re-engineer economies, and re-imagine our future. 

There is a lot to be done but in order to start acting we all need to be in the same boat, in the same cohort! I always underling raising awareness till 2050 is super important. Having gathered a team, let's say big fam, then it will be much better. As they say, teamwork makes the dreamwork. In addition, technology saves us and will save later as we are in digital world almost. Trying to come up with ideas would generate tons of the useful and achievable results! What do you think?

Through important United Nations conferences and other activities on biodiversity, seas, transportation, energy, cities, and food systems, next year provides us with a plethora of possibilities to solve our planetary emergencies. Nature is one of our most powerful allies: nature-based solutions may deliver one-third of the net reductions in greenhouse gas emissions necessary to fulfill the Paris Agreement's targets.

On 28th of May, 2021 the EBRD assisted Uzbekistan in achieving carbon neutrality. Under the Mirziyoyev administration, which took power in late 2016, Uzbekistan's collaboration with the EBRD has been restored. Since its inception in Uzbekistan, the EBRD has invested more than €2 billion in 92 projects, including seven projects in the energy sector for over $1 billion. Yet, Uzbekistan has become the latest country to join the global race to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. 

Absolutely certain that there is a lot to be done but time will show and our contributions will pay off. I sincerely wish all the countries challenge to act carbon neutrality and decrease the rate of the carbon neutrality as much as it is possible. Thank you!


  • Uzbekistan E-gen Ambassador Vazira Ikhtiyorova


Yuseon Mentor

  • Yuseon Mentor says :
    Hi Vazira,

    This is your mentor Yuseon:D

    Thanks for sharing the situation of how Carbon Neutrality is proceeding in
    your nation Uzbekistan. It is good news to all of us that they joined in
    2050 Carbon Neutrality project. The more the better!
    With every nation participating, we can really change this.

    Keep us tuned:)
    Posted 02-08-2021 03:12

Debbie Mentor

  • Debbie Mentor says :
    Dear Vazira,

    This is your mentor Debbie :)

    I love the phrase "teamwork makes the dreamwork". It is super inspiring and it really makes me work in a team. It's a great attitude that keeps us aim for eco-friendliness. I can't believe Uzbekistan is reaching 60 degrees Celsius. It's around 30 to 35 degrees Celsius here in Korea and I can't stand it already. Please do drink lots of water and avoid outdoor activities when the Sun is out :S Hope you endure the summer safely!


    Posted 30-07-2021 20:06

Koussemia Bassigue

Elina  Haber

  • Elina Haber says :
    Helloo Vazi Vazi,
    I'm hoping for a permanent lowered CO2 emissions by 2030 especially in Uzbekistan where as you've mentioned, the temperature is sadly noticeably increasing. I'm happy to see recent developments made by EBRD to attain carbon neutrality by 2050. Thank you for this amazing report.
    Keep writing!
    -Eli Eli :D
    Posted 27-07-2021 23:19

Lhamu dolma Sherpa

  • Lhamu dolma Sherpa says :
    Thank you so much for your report on carbon neutrality.
    Keep sharing
    Posted 26-07-2021 23:59

Favour Chiemenem

  • Favour Chiemenem says :
    Thank you so much for this report...
    Posted 26-07-2021 19:03

Vivian Nabisere

Khalil Parera

  • Khalil Parera says :
    Thank you for your report. It was full of learning.
    Posted 25-07-2021 16:20

Bindu Dhakal

  • Bindu Dhakal says :
    Hello Vazira,
    Hope you are doing great,
    Thank you so much for your report on Carbon Neutrality,
    Keep writing,
    Green Cheers,
    Posted 25-07-2021 16:14

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