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Carbon neutrality in Mexico [Monthly Report]

by Daniel Puente | 17-01-2022 12:38 recommendations 0

Carbon neutrality in Mexico

Foremost, we need to know what carbon neutrality is. Carbon neutrality means that there is no net increase in the global emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and it is achieved when mainly the amount of CO2 is removed by various ways, thus generating a zero balance. 

Sadly, in my country (Mexico), the regime is not supporting the achievement of carbon neutrality. In fact, one of the big projects of the current government is the construction of a refinery that is supposed to supply gasoline to all of Mexico in a few years when it is completed. Sounds good, doesn't it? But already, several car companies are planning to make electric cars. Instead of supporting renewable energy, the current government prefers to build a refinery. In fact, the government prefers to invest in fossil fuels instead of renewable energy. One of the largest energy companies in Spain had problems because of the current government's vision. I think it's a lack of empathy that explains this. Most of the politicians leading Mexico are old people over 60 years old. I think that because of their age, they do not have a great concern for future generations.

For the Latin American region, one way to achieve this balance is to reforest, I believe that Latin America has big problems with deforestation. In the same way, in my country, the part that receives money to put out forest fires receives less money, so lately the fires have generated worse things, more area burned by fires and the fires last longer.

Daniel Puente - 27th Eco Generation Regional Ambassador to Mexico -

European Parliament. (2019, March 10) What is carbon neutrality and how to achieve it by 2050 | News | European Parliament. Europa.eu. https://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/es/headlines/society/20190926STO62270/que-es-la-neutralidad-de-carbono-y-como-alcanzarla-para-2050


  • Mexico E-gen Ambassador Daniel Puente


Hannah Mentor

  • Hannah Mentor says :
    Hello Daniel, this is your mentor Hannah.

    This is new to me. Why do you think the governments keep building refineries and not investing on renewable energy?
    Though it's fortunate the companies are working for electric cars, which is quite a step to carbon neutrality. If there were investments from the government the development would be accelerated.

    Thank you for your great article and please keep up with your wonderful work :)

    Posted 21-01-2022 15:57

Bidhata Pathak

  • Bidhata Pathak says :
    Thank you so much for sharing, Daniel!
    Posted 21-01-2022 00:00

Joon Mentor

  • Joon Mentor says :
    Hello Daniel, this is your mentor Joon.

    It is sad to hear that politicians of Mexico cares more of fossil fuel industry rather than that of renewable source of energy. We all know that processing fossil fuels through refinery inevitably produces carbon and other Greenhouse Gases. It is partly due to insensibility or they are ignoring the trend as they know country's industry mostly depends on fossil fuels, therefore has to invest more on it. Yet, if Mexico does not keep up with the research, it would need to rely on foreign countries in future, so I hope the government officials care more of renewable energies.

    Well read your article, and let's keep up.


    Posted 18-01-2022 16:09

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