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[March Theme Report] Wildlife Preservation

by Sadia Jahan Rothi | 19-03-2023 00:34 recommendations 0

Wildlife preservation refers to the protection and conservation of wildlife and their habitats. It involves maintaining the natural balance of ecosystems by safeguarding endangered species and their habitats. Wildlife preservation has become an essential issue due to the growing human population and its increasing impact on natural habitats. The preservation of wildlife is essential for the maintenance of biodiversity and the continuation of ecological processes.

The preservation of wildlife can be achieved through various methods, including habitat protection, anti-poaching efforts, and wildlife management practices.

Habitat protection is crucial for the preservation of wildlife because it ensures that animals have access to their natural habitats, which provide food, shelter, and protection from predators. Anti-poaching efforts involve the enforcement of laws and regulations to prevent illegal hunting and poaching of endangered species. Wildlife management practices involve the use of scientific techniques to monitor and manage populations of wildlife species.

One of the most significant threats to wildlife is habitat destruction, which is caused by human activities such as deforestation, urbanization, and agriculture. These activities destroy the natural habitats of wildlife, forcing them to migrate or face extinction. Habitat destruction also leads to the loss of biodiversity, which has a significant impact on the ecological processes that sustain life on Earth. To prevent habitat destruction, it is necessary to promote sustainable land-use practices and protect areas of high biodiversity.

Poaching is another significant threat to wildlife preservation. Poaching is the illegal hunting or killing of animals for their body parts, which are used in traditional medicine, luxury goods, and as trophies. Poaching is a lucrative business, with some animal parts fetching high prices on the black market. The illegal wildlife trade is estimated to be worth billions of dollars annually and is a significant driver of the decline in wildlife populations. Anti-poaching efforts involve the enforcement of laws and regulations, as well as the use of technology such as drones and cameras to monitor wildlife populations.

Climate change is also a significant threat to wildlife preservation. Climate change is causing changes in weather patterns, which affect the habitats and food sources of wildlife. As temperatures increase, some species may not be able to adapt, leading to their decline or extinction. Climate change also affects the timing of migration and breeding, which can disrupt the ecological balance of ecosystems. To address climate change, it is necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable practices such as renewable energy and low-carbon transportation.

In conclusion, wildlife preservation is crucial for maintaining biodiversity and ecological processes. Habitat protection, anti-poaching efforts, and wildlife management practices are necessary to achieve wildlife preservation. The preservation of wildlife is threatened by habitat destruction, poaching, and climate change. To address these threats, it is necessary to promote sustainable land-use practices, enforce laws and regulations, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Wildlife preservation is not only important for the survival of wildlife species, but also for the well-being of humans and the planet as a whole


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  • Sadia Jahan Rothi says :
    Thanks for your feedback @Yewon and @James.
    Posted 13-04-2023 03:09

Yewon Mentor

  • Yewon Mentor says :
    Hi sadia!
    This is your mentor Yewon!

    Your report is so well-structured, with a clear statement that includes three specific means to preserve wildlife!

    Among them, I think habitat preservation is the most important part because the habitat is a crucial element for living organisms to survive. Moreover, I like the way you concluded the report! Specifically, I totally agree with your last sentence, "Wildlife preservation is not only important for the survival of wildlife species but also for the well-being of humans and the planet as a whole".

    Thank you for your great work!
    Posted 02-04-2023 15:44

James Mentor

  • James Mentor says :
    Hello Sadia. This is your mentor James!

    You have started your report with your definition of wildlife preservation, which made your report a step clearer! Then you have structured your report with three means of wildlife protection: habitat preservation, anti-poaching efforts, and wildlife management.

    Among your methods, I'd like to focus on anti-poaching activities. It is true that animal body parts can be tagged with market prices reaching up to millions of dollars. Thus, I think it is rationally logical to impose fines on illegal poaching similar to the prices of so-called "trophies".

    Thank you for your touching report! Let's keep up the good work.
    Posted 27-03-2023 14:21

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