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by Tanzeel Rashid | 30-05-2023 03:21 recommendations 0

Eco-friendly Urban Technology in Bangladesh: Paving the Way for Sustainable Development

As the world grapples with the challenges of rapid urbanization and environmental degradation, the need for eco-friendly urban technologies has become increasingly important. In countries like Bangladesh, where urbanization is rapidly expanding, embracing sustainable solutions is crucial for ensuring a greener and more livable future. This essay explores the eco-friendly urban technologies implemented in Bangladesh and highlights their significance in promoting sustainable development. By focusing on innovative solutions and their positive impact on the environment and society, this essay aims to shed light on the transformative power of eco-friendly urban technology in Bangladesh.

The Growth of Urbanization in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh, a densely populated country in South Asia, has been experiencing rapid urbanization over the past few decades. According to the United Nations, the country's urban population is projected to reach 56% by 2025, posing significant challenges in terms of infrastructure, energy consumption, waste management, and pollution control (United Nations, 2018). To tackle these challenges, Bangladesh has embraced various eco-friendly urban technologies.

Renewable Energy Systems:

Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in promoting renewable energy systems to meet its growing energy demands while reducing its reliance on fossil fuels. The country has witnessed a substantial increase in the adoption of solar power systems, particularly in urban areas. Initiatives like the Solar Home Systems Program have successfully provided electricity to millions of households, enabling sustainable energy access and reducing the strain on traditional power grids (World Bank, 2021).

Waste Management:

Effective waste management is a pressing issue for urban areas. Bangladesh has implemented innovative solutions to tackle this challenge. One notable initiative is the Waste Concern project, which utilizes organic waste to produce biogas for cooking and electricity generation. This approach not only reduces methane emissions from landfills but also promotes the efficient use of resources and reduces dependence on traditional fuels (Hossain & Uddin, 2019).

Urban Farming and Green Spaces:

Bangladesh is also leveraging urban farming and green spaces to foster sustainable urban development. Vertical gardening and rooftop farming initiatives provide fresh produce, enhance air quality, and reduce the urban heat island effect. Additionally, the creation of public parks and green spaces offers recreational areas while promoting biodiversity and ecological balance within cities (Shamsuddin et al., 2022).


Bangladesh's commitment to eco-friendly urban technologies is commendable and reflects the nation's determination to achieve sustainable development. By embracing renewable energy systems, implementing smart grids, managing waste effectively, conserving water resources, and incorporating urban farming and green spaces, Bangladesh sets a positive example for other countries grappling with similar challenges. The transformative impact of these eco-friendly urban technologies not only contributes to environmental conservation but also improves the quality of life for urban residents. Moving forward, continued investment and innovation in such technologies will play a pivotal role in shaping Bangladesh's urban landscape and building a greener, more sustainable future.

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James Mentor

  • James Mentor says :
    Hello Tanzeel!! This is your mentor James.

    First of all, sorry for the late comment!

    I see that you've elaborated on urban technology implemented in Bangladesh, mentioning its importance and its variegated fields in urban planning. Among those, I would like to put some emphasis in renewable energy transition. Transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy as our source of power would let our society be free from limited energy sources and curb further release of carbon materials to the atmosphere. Also, using the clean energy as our fuel for transportation and heating would also greatly contribute in restoring air quality. Thus, hearing that solar power grid systems are spreading through households in Bangladesh is certainly a meaningful approach to a greener society.

    Thanks for writing such a meaningful report! Great work.
    Posted 22-06-2023 17:53

Yewon Mentor

  • Yewon Mentor says :
    Hello Tanzeel! This is your mentor Yewon.

    You have written a report about eco-friendly urban technology in Bangladesh!
    Especially I was interested in urban farming and green spaces since it is an essential part of urban!
    I appreciate precise citations and references!!

    Thank you for your informative report! Great job!!

    Posted 03-06-2023 03:04

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