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[May Free Report] Corporate Social Responsibility: Footprints and Handprints

by Richard Adayi | 01-06-2023 00:39 recommendations 0

Fellows, I am intending to write this report as a recommendation. As I have proposed one recently in March, this is a second. The desire to write this way is motivated with a good experience in a working environment and the appreciation of this truly organized and ideally oriented framework.

Sustainable development must be the common thread and a strong guiding principle of all companies. Creating a company or a business based on design thinking also means creating it for future, a long enough future. But how can a company measure sustainability? Which aspects does it cover and how can these be made tangible?

These well-known and established concepts of the ‘footprint’ and ‘handprint’ must be firstly understood. Handprint helps provide an objective assessment of who is doing well and footprint who is doing bad. An organizational footprint is essentially the impact of pollution released and resources consumed over the entire supply chain and life cycle of the corporate’s product. The concept gathering momentum in the United States of ‘handprint’ suggests a basic equation of offsetting positives against negatives. Simply, overall, if you leave the Earth a better place than you found it or not. An independently verified handprint score would help transparency.

Corporate around the world could developed some kind of own Corporate Sustainability Handprint (CSH) to enable projects and offices locally and abroad to do their work sustainably with a sharp focus on the future. Regular CSH reports can measure each one ecological footprint as well as handprint, i.e., the positive contribution made. The handprint illustrates the four sustainability dimensions: economic capability, ecological balance, political participation and social responsibility. And in details, these four points can be subdivided into many and many critical fields of actions, upon which specific measures are based. Definitely, it’s all about reducing the footprint for enlarging the handprint.

It is desirable to share periodic reports of every company that have declared themselves in the country’s registers. For other informal enterprises, a solution will have to be found to control and check them.

In order to enlarge their handprint, some countries try to procure more local equipment and materials or refit electronic devices in their offices, for example. Other measures include corporate health management such as opportunities to engage in sport, advice on nutrition and workplace design, or avoiding waste in everyday work and recycling. In total, countries should commit to specific improvement goals in order to improve their sustainability performance. In this way, corporate sustainability is firmly anchored in daily business and their social responsibility as well.

Thank you.

Written by Richard Adayi.


CSR Handprint and Footprint, SHP Safety and Health Practitioner




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Richard Adayi

  • Richard Adayi says :
    Thanks Mentor James, I agree with your deduction. Thank you for your attention and the time to read. Thanks Mentor.
    Posted 30-06-2023 12:55

Richard Adayi

  • Richard Adayi says :
    Thanks Mentor Yewon, I appreciate it. Thanks for the attention and time.
    Posted 30-06-2023 12:53

Yewon Mentor

  • Yewon Mentor says :
    Hello Richard! Again, this is your mentor Yewon.

    I apologize for the late comment.

    Like James mentor did, I was confused about the term 'handprint' at first since I had never heard of this notion before. However, after reading your report, I could understand that the terms are closely related to 'sustainability' which is an extremely important value for our future!

    Your report was very impressive since it seemed like one of the good suggestions of how we should try to protect our environment!

    Thank you for your great report! Great job!!
    Posted 27-06-2023 03:08

James Mentor

  • James Mentor says :
    Hello again Richard!! This is your mentor James.

    Honestly, I also had some confusion prior to reading this report regarding the terms "handprint" and "footprint"! Thanks to your effort, now I even understand not only those terms, but also the four criteria assessed to figure out the handprint index. I agree that maximizing the handprints is an important factor for a proper ESG firm, but also I think that minimizing footprints should also be carried out at the same time in order to restore the environmental harm that has been inflicted until now!

    Thanks for writing such a inspirational report! Great work.
    Posted 24-06-2023 15:02

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