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June Monthly report. Energy development or expeditions for finding a second "Earth ".

by Patience Nansamba | 05-06-2023 20:03 recommendations 0

Energy is a fundamental concept in our daily lives, as it powers nearly everything we do. However, as the world's population continues to grow, and nations seek to modernize and develop, the demand for energy is also increasing, which poses a significant challenge to the world. Hence, there is a need for a sustainable form of energy that is eco-friendly and does not lead to further damage to the environment. This essay discusses the challenges and possibilities of energy development and the search for a second "Earth."

The development of energy infrastructures has been a priority for every industrializing and developing nation in the world. It is required for basic activities such as lighting, cooking, transportation, and powering machinery. However, this urgent need for energy production has led to over-reliance on non-renewable sources such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas. Unfortunately, the production and use of non-renewable sources of energy have negative consequences such as air pollution, acid rain, oil spills, and deforestation.

Renewable sources of energy offer a feasible solution to the problems associated with non-renewable sources. These include hydro, solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass energy, which are naturally available and can be replenished over relatively short periods. These options require significant investment in research and infrastructure development but have been proven to be environmentally friendly, sustainable, and contribute to economic growth.

The search for a second “Earth” refers to the expeditionary work aimed at finding another planet possibly habitable by humans. Scientists have discovered many exoplanets that share some attributes of Earth, such as distance from a sun-like star, orbital period, and atmospheric composition. The search for a second "Earth" comes from a desire to expand our knowledge of the universe, find alternative habitats, and prepare for the likelihood of future environmental degradation.

While often seen as two separate issues, energy development and expeditions for finding a second “Earth” are closely related. Renewable energy sources are crucial for space exploration, particularly for missions that last long, for example sending astronauts to Mars. The development of sustainable and cost-effective forms of energy will guarantee an uninterrupted supply and enable comprehensive scientific research. It will also be useful in setting up a base on a second "Earth” when discovered.

Additionally, space exploration can have positive implications for renewable energy back on Earth. For instance, space research has produced advances in solar energy technology, which has led to the development of efficient storage systems for renewable energy sources. On the other hand, renewable energy sources can be applied in space missions that seek to venture deeper into the universe.

In conclusion, the challenge of meeting global energy demands requires the creation of sustainable sources that do not damage our environment. The pursuit of renewable energy sources has immense potential in reducing the overall environmental costs of energy production. Meanwhile, the expeditionary work aimed at finding a second "Earth" could open doors to worlds of opportunities and discoveries. Both offer opportunities to learn more about our planet, the universe, and ourselves. Therefore, being more imaginative and innovative in our pursuit of sustainable, eco-friendly forms of energy could lead us to uncover a second "Earth" and ensure long-term survival.


  • Uganda Former E-gen Ambassador Patience Nansamba
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Yewon Mentor

  • Yewon Mentor says :
    Hello Patience! This is your mentor Yewon.

    To begin with, I apologize for the late comment!

    In this report, you have made a very important point, energy development, and space exploration!
    As you mentioned in your report, energy is considered a very important factor in human lives.
    Therefore, energy development is also a significant point in space exploration!
    Especially I want to emphasize sustainable energy sources, and I believe space exploration can help energy technologies develop!

    Thank you for your great report! Good job!
    Posted 29-06-2023 19:39

James Mentor

  • James Mentor says :
    Hello Patience! This is your mentor James.

    As our global community prospers in terms of economy and population, energy demand increases proportionally. However, renewable energy is still undergoing active development to improve its efficiency and fossil fuels are considered insufficient to satisfy the demand until 100% transition to renewable energy is achieved. Thus, additional energy resources are required for a sustainable economy, which is why expeditions for the discovery of a second Earth is closely intertwined with energy supply stability.

    Thank you for your fantastic work! Let's keep it up with your next report as well.
    Posted 28-06-2023 13:21

Muhammad Asif  Khan

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