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by Sandrine Yaah | 31-08-2023 09:18 recommendations 0

Climate change is an undeniable reality that poses severe threats to all aspects of the ecosystems. While the impacts of climate change are felt across various ecosystems, aquatic organisms are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change but are often neglected. Some of the impacts climate change have on the aquatic environment include; disruptions in their habitats, food chains, reproductive cycles, and ultimately, their survival. This amplifies the called to take actions against climate change and create a balance in our ecosystems 

Increasing global temperature result in a rise in Oceans temperature which poses a great threat to highly sensitive marine life. High temperature result in increase sea levels, which result from the melting of glaciers and sea ice threatening coastal habitats and estuaries. Moreover, extreme weather such as hurricanes, storms, and floods are intensifying as a result of climate change. These events cause significant damage to aquatic habitats. Floods for example has the potential of carrying pollutants from land such as plastic, oils, metallic objects into water bodies which can result in many aquatic organisms losing their homes and sources of food, leading to population declines and potential extinction. On the other hand, the continuous release of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide leads to ocean acidification which can lead to coral bleaching and eventual death. This have a devastating effect on countless aquatic species that rely on them for food, shelter, and breeding grounds.

Given the role of the aquatic environment in the uptake of carbon dioxide,  the demand for immediate action is undeniable. To protect these vital habitats and the countless species that depend on them including humans, we must take urgent action to mitigate climate change by; reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting sustainable practices, and implementing effective conservation measures, that can safeguard the future of our precious aquatic organisms and the invaluable ecosystems they inhabit.


Sandrine Yaah

  • Cameroon Former E-gen Ambassador Sandrine Yaah
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Sandrine  Yaah

  • Sandrine Yaah says :
    Thank you so much for the positive feedback.
    Posted 05-09-2023 18:54

James Mentor

  • James Mentor says :
    Hello Sandrine! This is your mentor James.

    I see that you've focused on effects of climate change on maritime ecology. In a direct point of view, rising global temperature means rising average sea temperature, thus greatly affecting the ecosystem within.

    Thanks for the meaningful report! Keep up the good work.
    Posted 01-09-2023 15:04

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