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August Free Report: Human Impact

by Cheha Paik | 31-08-2023 21:28 recommendations 0

Being the dominant species on Earth, human beings made significant progress in history. However, these advancements came at a cost to the environment that surrounds us. From industrialization to urbanization, human activity left an ineffable mark causing a series of environmental challenges that need immediate attention and action. 

Human activity reshaped the earth completely. Urbanization and deforestation

dramatically changed natural habitats, reducing biodiversity and destabilizing ecosystems. This loss of biodiversity threatens the life web and human well-being, as it threatens the world’s vital services such as pollination, water supply, and disease regulation.

An immense effect of human activity is the result of industrial endeavors. These actions released tons of pollutants into the air, water, and soil. Additionally, greenhouse gas emissions from burning of fossil fuels drive climate change, which leads to global warming, extreme weather, and rise of sea levels. These consequences are indelible and what humans can do now is to minimize them. 

Recognizing the immense human impact on the environment is the first step towards positive change. Humans must be informed of these consequences and their causes. This way, sustainable practices and policies can be made to mitigate these consequences. This is why education and awareness play pivotal roles towards preservation. Individuals can be motivated to activate these changes by making mindful choices in consumption, and waste reduction. Finally, international cooperation is also imperative. Global agreements can lead to faster preservation acts and changes. By making these changes and being aware of the consequences, humans can reverse the course of environmental degradation. 



  • Korea, South E-gen Ambassador Cheha Paik
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