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August Thematic Report: Food Security

by Cheha Paik | 31-08-2023 21:51 recommendations 0

Food security is important to understand for the well-being of the people. In a rapidly developing world, food security has been a critical challenge to maintain. As the population increases rapidly, the need to safeguard these resources become more paramount.

Food security revolves around the accessibility, availability, and stability of food sources. At its best, each individual person will have enough food to live a long, healthy life. However, this is far from reality. Unfortunately, this ideal remains absent for a significant portion of the world. 

While there are many challenges to food security, three main ones are apparent. First, population growth is a major challenge to food security. With the global population already being over 8 billion people, the demand for food supply skyrockets. This puts immense pressure on the industry. Next, climate change is also a challenge to food security. Due to the increase of greenhouse gasses, global warming, erratic temperatures, extreme weathers, and irregular precipitations disrupt agriculture. This reduces crop yields and threatens food production. Lastly, food security is challenged due to scarce resources. Diminishing land, such as deforestation, will lead to reduced biodiversity, ultimately harming agricultural outputs. 

To prevent these challenges, certain ways can be implemented. These include sustainable agriculture, which can utilize certain farming practices to enhance productivity while minimizing environmental impact. Furthermore, the use of technological innovations, such as genetically modified crops, can increase crop yields. Lastly, promoting a wider variety of crops can increase resilience to changing weather conditions.

In conclusion, while food security is an urgent matter in the world, it can be prevented if people unite to do so. 



  • Korea, South Former E-gen Ambassador Cheha Paik
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