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[August Free Report] Climate Gentrification

by Seoyoon Min | 31-08-2023 23:52 recommendations 0

In Miami, USA, climate gentrification has been recently occurring. First, gentrification is a phenomenon where as old and worn out areas become economically active in the city, housing prices and rents increase, and low-income residents who originally lived are pushed out of their homes.

But what does this gentrification have to do with the climate? This July was the hottest month throughout human history. The situation has become so serious that people say that the era of global warming is over and the era of global boiling is going to come. As global temperatures rise, sea levels rise, which increases the risk of flooding in coastal areas. People who lived near the coast-side try to move to the highlands to avoid the risk of floods

The Miami coast is lined with luxury houses, and there are many large houses with ocean views with floor-to-ceiling windows. However, these days, the price of houses with relatively high land is rising more than those on the coast with good scenery. Rising sea levels increase the risk of flooding in seaside dwellings, causing the wealthy to move to safe highlands, pushing the existing residents away.

The situation in Venice, Italy the city called "City of Water," is similar. Venice was not well grounded, so the city was built by deeply inserting wooden pillars and laying marble on top of them. However, it is said that the city is gradually sinking due to the recent frequent heavy rains and floods. It is said that raising the foundation of the house or installing waterproof walls around the house can reduce the risk of flooding. However, more and more people leave Venice without being able to afford the enormous cost.

It is concerning that this may happen someday in our country as well. Last year due to the heavy rain, the Gangnam area of Seoul was immersed. It is not a problem we can avoid if this climate change worsens.

It was interesting how everything is connected and was surprised how big this climate change could directly affect our lives. Due to these incidents I get to understand the seriousness of climate change and global warming more and more.



  • Korea, South Former E-gen Ambassador Seoyoon Min
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