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[August Theme Report] Food insecurity in Thailand

by Chananan Piriyalertsak | 01-09-2023 00:48 recommendations 0

Thailand is ranked 53rd out of 116 nations in the 2023 Global Hunger Index (GHI) report for having a moderate level of hunger. Thailand's total population, or about 6.2 million individuals, or 8.8% of the population, lacks proper nutrition. There may not be many people in Thailand who are particularly concerned about food insecurity due to Thailand being famous for its agriculture. However, the cost of food has increased due to the current economic problems brought on by COVID-19's effects and the situation in Ukraine, which are having an impact on the rest of the world. This is having a direct effect on society’s vulnerable groups, including those in Thailand.

 In addition to the pandemic, many other factors, including climate change, which reduces the productivity and production of natural resources, and the effects of the Ukraine war, which cause critical price increases, have contributed to the recent decline in food security in the Asia Pacific region. Thailand has been and is extremely lucky. It is a nation that has abundant natural resources, especially in terms of soil, water, and rainfall.

 However, according to studies by the United Nations, the cost of an energy-sufficient diet in the Asia Pacific region was close to $1 per person per day one and a half years ago. A nutritious diet now costs more than $3.50 per person each day. Since the poverty level is $2 per day, many people cannot afford healthy meals. Today, 40% of people getting paid minimum wage’s household income goes towards purchasing food. As a result, two things happen as that proportion rises: first, more money is spent on foods that are high in energy, which means the diet is not healthy. Second, families who spend more of their income on food will have less left over for healthcare, education, and other necessities for human development.

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  • Thailand Former E-gen Ambassador Chananan Piriyalertsak
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SangHyeon Park

  • SangHyeon Park says :
    Hello, I'm mentor SangHyeon
    Food security issues around the world, including in the Asia-Pacific region, will become increasingly serious with the surging population.
    I hope that technology will be developed for humans so that more people can eat healthy and affordable meals.
    Thank you for the good article!
    Posted 28-09-2023 16:10

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