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[August Theme Report] Land and Food in North America

by Jayden Kim | 01-09-2023 05:56 recommendations 0

According to the USDA, the United States utilizes 1.2 billion acres worth of their land out of 2.3 billion acres for food production. With no doubt, the US is one of the leaders for food production such as Corn, soybeans, etc. Furthermore, in order to produce the sufficient supply for the high demand of food in the US, the US have to mass produce these produces. 

Due to this heavy use of land, many of the US land is polluted with agricultural pollution. Agriculture produces mass amounts of carbon dioxide and excess nutrients from waste from both the machines and the animals. According to the USDA, the US have produced approximately 600 million tons of carbon dioxide in 2020, and this number has no doubt has been increasing. 

To prevent this mass use of land and increase production from agriculture to produce food, the US must increase the strictness of their laws regarding carbon production of agricultural farms and to strict regulate which farms can dispose waste and which cannot. The US also have to decrease the amount of food they give in restaurants like fast food. Most of the corn and the soybean goes to these fast food restaurants that give way more food per order than countries in Asia and Europe. This huge amount of food given compared to other countries shows why the US is needing to create so much more food and leading to way more pollution that goes into their land and their waters near these agricultural farms.

picture: https://www.bsr.org/en/industries/food-beverage-and-agriculture 



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