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[June Theme Report] Space Environment and Pollution

by Richard Adayi | 01-09-2023 07:34 recommendations 0

Symbol of infinity, space continues to be questioned. We became interested for June to “Space environment and pollution”. The subject is quite wide enough to be seen from the angle of notable scientific knowledge being acquired today (geometry of space and the physics behind), from the angle of human behavior and their impact (spaceflights: spacecrafts, exploration, expeditions, etc.), from the angle of space and lifesaving solutions and innovations to aim for (the part of ecological consideration in front of those human practices: cleaner space environment, finding a second “Earth”).

Here, we elaborate the scientific angle, regarding geometry of space and the physics behind.

Today no need to demonstrate that Earth is shaped like a sphere, thanks to Galilee and others. What then about the shape of the place where the meant Earth is located? curious minds found out two others interrogations from the main one, on the way of solving it. One is about its geometry and measurements of things like angles and areas and secondly, the topology describing how these local pieces are stitched together into an overarching shape.  

Therefore, the following physical observations came to be considered: the part of the universe that we can see has always seemed smooth and homogeneous to us; like a liquid, the local spatial tissue is the same for us at every point and in all directions. Three geometric conceptions then emerge to justify the possibility of this physical description of states: flat geometry, spherical geometry and hyperbolic geometry. This is the phase for researchers to find the shapes that best describe our universe.

Big bang, Galaxy, Telescope, Cosmic microwave background (CMB), Euclide, Pointcaré disk: These words will lead any young curious mind we are and can become, to a very deep and complete understanding of our universe as I have come to it through this report and with my own words. Putting then just together into this list have for me the hidden sense that: as everything, space have also a history (Big band, Galaxy, etc.) that tools (Telescope, Cosmic microwave background (CMB), etc.) and curious mind (Euclide, etc.) help to comprehend more and more and the simplest way (Pointcaré disk, etc.).

Thank you.

Written by Richard Adayi



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Richard Adayi

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