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[June Free Report] Climate From Space

by Richard Adayi | 01-09-2023 08:39 recommendations 0

“Climate From Space”, the first time I hit these three words in a browser was to understand what we call seasons on earth and his varieties by placing oneself in the perspective of space; as if in space there could be summer, winter, spring or autumn.

I was delighted at the end not only to satisfy my previous concerns but also to discover a wonderful tool: “The CFS (Climate From Space)”. I discovered the Climate from Space Initiative. It was stated that ESA, the European Spatial Agency created this program that aims to provide stable, long-term, satellite-based Essential Climate Variable (ECV) data products to the scientific community and to general public. Decades worth of satellite data are then at our disposal and ready for usage in order to maximize awareness and contribute to a better understanding of our changing planet. The web application "Climate from Space" consolidates then decades of satellite data and offers different approaches to use that data.

I was amazed and then pursued my research to discover other possible existing tools. And, finally I come across the idea of turning it into ​​a report to share here on our Tunza platform with all my Amb-mates. Let me state here this own studied short list: EUMETCast OSSI(operational service status indicator), EUMETView, Copernicus (european system for monitoring the earth using satellite and in situ sensors), SCO(space climate observatory).

To talk a bit about the CFS, the web app approaches the four climate pillars as we know: atmosphere, land, ice and ocean. Data are there for about: levels of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere, shrinking of the cryosphere, changing Ice sheets, retreating Glaciers, reclining Sea Ice, rising sea levels, recreasing snow cover and snow mass.

Let’s finally recommend to all the will to seize any opportunity to learn more about out planet, climate and universe as it happened to me the first time just randomly, and that I can testify today taking more seriously and plus all the available resources here on our Tunza.

Thank you.

Written by Richard Adayi



[1] CFS : https://cfs.climate.esa.int/index.html

[2] EUMETSAT : https://uns.eumetsat.int/

[3] SCO : https://www.spaceclimateobservatory.org/

[4] Free Course : https://www.imperativemoocs.com/courses/monitoring-climate-from-space



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Richard Adayi

  • Richard Adayi says :
    Ah we are even neighboors, then Hello to everybody there in GH !
    Posted 23-09-2023 02:34

Richard Adayi

  • Richard Adayi says :
    I appreciate your comment @Emmanuel Dassah. Take later a time to test one of this tools.
    Posted 23-09-2023 02:33

Emmanuel  Dassah

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