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[September Thematic Report] Illuminating Shadows: Navigating the Energy Crisis in Somalia

by Jamal Abdiraman Yasin | 23-09-2023 18:12 recommendations 0

In a world that constantly seeks progress and development, the role of energy cannot be overstated. It powers industries, fuels innovation, and brightens the lives of billions. Yet, for many nations, the promise of a stable energy supply remains a distant dream, casting long shadows over their aspirations. Among these nations is Somalia, a country grappling with an energy crisis that not only hinders its socio-economic growth but also exacerbates existing challenges. This essay delves into the complexities of Somalia's energy crisis, shedding light on its causes, consequences, and potential solutions.

1. The Roots of Somalia's Energy Crisis

To understand Somalia's energy crisis, one must examine its origins. Decades of political instability, civil conflict, and inadequate infrastructure have created a perfect storm of energy scarcity. The lack of centralized governance and investment in energy infrastructure has left the country heavily dependent on imported fossil fuels, subject to fluctuating global prices and geopolitical tensions. Moreover, rampant insecurity has deterred foreign investors and hindered the development of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power.

2. The Consequences

The ramifications of Somalia's energy crisis are far-reaching and multidimensional. First and foremost, it hampers economic growth. Frequent power outages disrupt industrial operations, leading to lost productivity and revenue. Small businesses, the backbone of Somalia's economy, suffer the most, struggling to stay afloat in an environment where reliable electricity is a luxury. Additionally, the lack of energy access perpetuates poverty and exacerbates inequalities, as rural communities are often left in the dark, figuratively and literally. Healthcare, education, and public services are compromised, as hospitals, schools, and government offices struggle to function without a stable power supply.

3. Potential Solutions

Addressing Somalia's energy crisis requires a multifaceted approach. Firstly, political stability and security must be prioritized to attract foreign investments and create an environment conducive to energy infrastructure development. Secondly, diversifying the energy mix is crucial. Investing in renewable energy sources, particularly solar and wind power, can reduce the country's dependence on expensive fossil fuels while also mitigating environmental concerns. Additionally, investing in energy efficiency measures and grid expansion can help reduce waste and improve energy access in remote areas.

4. The Role of International Aid

International support and aid play a pivotal role in overcoming Somalia's energy crisis. Collaborative efforts with donor organizations, such as the United Nations and the World Bank, can provide the necessary funds and expertise to kickstart energy projects and improve energy governance. Moreover, partnerships with neighboring countries for energy trade can enhance energy security and regional stability.


Somalia's energy crisis is a multifaceted challenge with profound consequences. Its roots lie in decades of political turmoil and underinvestment, which have hindered economic growth and perpetuated inequalities. However, by prioritizing political stability, diversifying the energy mix, and leveraging international aid, Somalia can work towards a brighter future, where reliable energy access drives progress and prosperity. As we contemplate the path forward, let us remember that resolving this crisis is not just a matter of illuminating homes and businesses; it's about illuminating the aspirations and dreams of the Somali people, casting aside the shadows that have held them back for too long.


Jamal Abdiraman Yasin

  • Somalia Former E-gen Ambassador Jamal Abdiraman Yasin
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SangHyeon Park

  • SangHyeon Park says :
    Hi it's mentor SH.
    If Somalia's government and citizens unite and stabilize for the big issue of energy, it will greatly help solve the energy crisis and move toward a brighter future. Thank you for this great article!
    Posted 30-09-2023 14:11

Seeun Mentor

  • Seeun Mentor says :
    Hello, this is mentor Seeun.
    I understand how political instability can affect a country's energy insecurity, as we need better policies about energy to ensure energy security. Let's all hope that this can be overcome with international aid and citizens working together to make a change.
    Thank you for your report!
    Posted 25-09-2023 18:45

Emmanuel  Dassah

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