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[October Free Report] Eco-Friendly Practices in Taiwan

by Ashutosh Tiwari | 23-11-2023 11:26 recommendations 0

Taiwan stands as a pioneering force in Asia for its committed efforts toward environmental sustainability. This review explores the nation's commendable eco-friendly practices across various sectors, highlighting their impact and contribution to global environmental conservation.

Renewable Energy Initiatives:
Taiwan has been proactively transitioning toward renewable energy sources. The government's goal to increase renewable energy generation to 20% by 2025 has sparked initiatives such as offshore wind farms (Taiwan Today, 2021). Research by Lin et al. (2020) explores the potential of solar energy in Taiwan, emphasizing its role in reducing carbon emissions.

Waste Management and Recycling:
Taiwan boasts efficient waste management practices, including a comprehensive recycling program. Data from the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) shows Taiwan's impressive recycling rates, particularly for plastic and e-waste (EPA Taiwan, 2021). These efforts have significantly reduced environmental pollution.

Green Transportation and Urban Planning:
The promotion of eco-friendly transport options and urban planning initiatives has reduced carbon emissions. Taiwan's advancements in electric vehicle infrastructure and public transportation systems, as observed by Chen and Wu (2019), showcase the nation's commitment to sustainable mobility.

Environmental Education and Community Engagement:
Education plays a pivotal role in Taiwan's eco-friendly endeavors. Community engagement programs, as highlighted by Chien et al. (2021), aim to raise environmental awareness and encourage sustainable practices among citizens, fostering a culture of eco-consciousness.

Challenges and Future Directions:
Despite significant strides, challenges persist, including policy implementation and public engagement. However, Taiwan's dedication to sustainable practices remains unwavering. Future directions aim to bolster policy frameworks and deepen public involvement to ensure continued progress.

Taiwan's dedication to eco-friendly practices is evident across multiple domains, positioning the country as a frontrunner in Asia's sustainability initiatives. The review underscores Taiwan's commitment to a greener future and its role as an exemplar of environmental stewardship.


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SangHyeon Park

Seeun Mentor

  • Seeun Mentor says :
    Hello, this is mentor Seeun.
    You illustrated many different types of eco-friendly practices in Taiwan. I'm especially interested in urban planning, since the city is made up of many different components.
    Thank you for your report!
    Posted 27-11-2023 23:26

Melissa Menlah Adu

  • Melissa Menlah Adu says :
    Taiwan sets a compelling example in environmental stewardship, with its proactive shift to renewable energy, efficient waste management, green transportation initiatives, and robust environmental education programs. The nation's commitment to a greener future is evident, proving that comprehensive eco-friendly practices can position a country as a frontrunner in sustainability within the Asian landscape.nice piece 👏👍
    Posted 23-11-2023 13:01

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