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Tidal Energy: A Promising Alternative

by Cheha Paik | 26-03-2024 16:50 recommendations 0

When people think of renewable energy, the prominent sources that come to mind are solar, wind, hydropower, etc. However, most people don’t think of addressing the immense potential tidal energy can have. Unlike traditional sources of renewable energy that depend on specific weather conditions, tidal energy harnesses the reliable and predictable movement of ocean tides. These ocean tides are affected by the gravitational forces of the moon and the sun, and they can be converted into electricity through modern technology. As the world seeks these kinds of alternatives to fossil fuels, understanding the benefits of tidal energy is paramount. 

One of the primary advantages of tidal energy lies in the ocean’s predictability. While weather patterns can be hard to predict, tidal currents can be easily discerned as they follow patterns of the lunar cycle. This allows tidal energy to be a consistent source of renewable energy as it provides stable, perpetual power. 

Moreover, being a source of renewable energy, tidal energy has minimal impact on the environment compared to traditional fossil fuels. They don’t emit greenhouse gasses or other pollutants that fossil fuels do emit. This results in cleaner air and reduced carbon emissions, thus less global warming.

Another benefit to tidal energy is its high energy output. Compared to other renewable sources of energy, tides have great density, allowing tidal turbines to generate more significant amounts of energy. This makes it suitable for coastal regions with strong tides and waves. 

While there are many more benefits, it is important to mention the challenges. Tidal energy comes with high initial costs, technological complexity, and small potential environmental impact on marine ecosystems. However, many of these challenges can be mitigated with ongoing research and development efforts. 

All in all, tidal energy represents a promising future for sustainably amassing large amounts of electricity. Harnessing the power of tides can help reduce the use of traditional fossil fuels that continue to harm the planet. And it’s not like we are running out of oceanic water. So, why not implement it into society? 



  • Korea, South Former E-gen Ambassador Cheha Paik
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Elina  Haber

  • Elina Haber says :
    Hello, this Elina.

    Wow, tidal energy is incredible!

    I am genuinely surprised by how the predictable patterns of the tides can be harnessed to generate power. And the fact that it??s so reliable, that??s just mind-blowing! And let??s not forget the environmental benefits. Tidal energy is a game-changer for reducing our carbon footprint. I am excited to be a part of a sustainable future!
    Posted 30-03-2024 17:12

Seeun Mentor

  • Seeun Mentor says :
    Hello, this is mentor Seeun.
    I remember reading about tidal energy and about how Korea can achieve much out of it, as three sides of our country is surrounded by the sea.
    Good job writing about the advantages of tidal energy!
    Thank you for your report.
    Posted 27-03-2024 16:38

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