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Notice |  Eco-generation Analytics in May, 2021

analytics of May, gender, user type and age! check this out

 Happy World Environment Day with Tunza Eco-generation

The 14th eco-generation environmental essay competition deadline 16th AUG, 2021 theme is ecosystem restoration

[World] Let's Draw World Environment Day

Shirin Shukhratova | 2021-06-18 19:56:36 Comments 0 recommendations 0

(Free Topic) Food waste and easy ways to reduce it!

We live in a rather contradictory world where people throw away 80 million tons of food a year while on the other side of the planet our brothers and sisters go hungry. We all know from childhood that throwing away food is bad and... Read More >

Shirin Shukhratova | 2021-06-18 19:21:32 Comments 0 recommendations 0

(Thematic Report) Green city for Green vehicles

Recently, every other person has heard about the need for green or sustainable transportation. We have all heard about their benefits and how much damage we will do to nature in the future if we continue to use the current mode of... Read More >

Sudura Zakir | 2021-06-18 13:11:51 Comments 1 recommendations 0

(Thematic Report)Green Vehicles

Green vehicles are eco-friendly vehicles which helps in balancing environment.This includes different types of transports.Though this vehicles produce less carbon emission but there are other issues.Making environment friendly hab... Read More >