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[World] Join Earth Hour with #EcoGeneration

by Eco Generation | 14-03-2019 08:33

Dear all Eco-generation friends,

Let's join #EarthHour with our own hashtags including 
#EcoGeneration and #Connect2Earth
One of the most festive global environmental campaigns is coming so soon!
The Earth Hour 2019 will be held on 30th March between 8:30PM~9:30PM in each local time zone. The event is annually held at the end of March as a worldwide grassroots movement uniting people to protect the planet. 

We can't miss this opportunity to boost the Earth Hour up using our power of network, which is Eco-generation family's one of the strongest points.

Let's add our power to this global movement toward the sustainable world!

Publish your entry until : 31st March, 2019

How to join the Event

Step 1. Join the Earth Hour event on 30th March, at 8:30 pm
by taking picture of you turning off the lights at that time.

Step 2. Post your photo wit hashtag #EarthHour #Connet2Earth with #EcoGeneration on your Social media.
Step 2. Post what you've done on the Earth Hour with the title  #EarthHour #Connet2Earth with #EcoGeneration on World report page.
We'll share all our Earth Hour posting on our Tunza Eco-generation facebook!
We look forward to watching everyone who are joining this event!
All the best,
Eco-generation team