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[World] UNEP survey

by Eco Generation | 07-01-2016 13:18 Comments 14 Comments

UNEP survey

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is rethinking its engagement with young environmental leaders, and we want your input on how we can maximize our impact.

UNEP has been running its Tunza programme for more than ten years, raising the capacity of thousands of young leaders across the world and providing key opportunities for youth voices to be heard in major advocacy settings.

Following two historical steps in 2015 – the Sustainable Development Goals summit in September, then the climate change summit in December – we are eager to ensure that we add unique value to the environmental movement, supporting but not duplicating the efforts of others. Some amazing groups and individuals are already hard at work. We want to support them and help leverage their impact!

Your response to the following short survey—which should take you no more than five or ten minutes to complete—would be hugely appreciated!


  • Ashtha Lamsal says :
    youths voice can be raised high.. thanks for the survey UNEP :)
    Posted 01-02-2016 17:17

  • says :
    Done!!! :D great survey. feeling happy to share mmy views with dear UNEP :D
    Posted 18-01-2016 16:21

  • Aabha Pokharel says :
    Good survey... thanks to UNEP
    Posted 16-01-2016 21:06

Dharmendra Kapri

  • Anthony Emecheta says :
    This is a survey I will like every youth out there to fill because it is about them. UNEP is giving you a chance to be a part of decision making process.
    Posted 12-01-2016 12:19

  • says :
    The youth of today may very well be the first generation that will see the effects of our actions and the last generation that will be able to do something about it.It is good that we are being consulted.
    Posted 10-01-2016 03:46

  • says :
    Done. Great but detailed survey
    Posted 09-01-2016 21:32

  • Sujan Adhikari says :
    Done, Yeah this survey tried to collect wide information in depth. Hope our voice counts and sure new idea will be launched.
    Posted 08-01-2016 20:09

  • says :
    Great survey .

    Posted 08-01-2016 03:53

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Kudos to UNEP for it's various sincere efforts in encouraging youths, providing them opportunties and getting their voices heard. Done the survey.Thanks.
    Posted 07-01-2016 18:15

  • says :
    I appreciate the effort of UNEP to prioritize youths advocacy and demands via this survey. I have filled it and hope other members will also fill it :)
    Posted 07-01-2016 15:33

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Youth of 21st Century are more responsible & vocal. Good survey!
    Posted 07-01-2016 13:24

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