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[World] Monthly Event for May 2016 – Our Neighborhood's Biodiversity Map

by Eco Generation | 11-05-2016 10:54 Comments 10 Comments

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Monthly Event for May

Dear Tunza Eco-generation fellows,
Do you remember our collective intelligence project to map Our Neighborhood's Biodiversity?
We're back with the Neighborhood's Biodiversity Map again!
As you know, May 22nd is the International Day for Biological Diversity to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues.
To commemorate International Day for Biological Diversity, Tunza Eco-generation would like to collect intelligence about the endangered species of your neighborhood once again.
If each of you can recommend your own species in your country or region, we can make the best 'World Biodiversity Map' by the youth power ever! The map will be updated on our Resources/Eco-system page in June.
To join and become the autor of the Biodiversity Map, please go to 

We look forward to receiving many stories on the endangered species from our members all over the globe then.

Thank you!

Eco-generation team


  • says :
    WOW great event. Had posted many last year lol. I need to improvise and resend )
    Posted 27-05-2016 22:21

  • says :
    Will write my report soon

    Posted 19-05-2016 22:20

Eco Generation

  • Eco Generation says :
    5 Days left for the Biodiversity day dear friends :-)
    We will wait for many applications from you guys! Good luck!
    Posted 17-05-2016 08:31

  • Anthony Emecheta says :
    I remember the last biodiversity map and it was interesting and informative. I will try to join this one
    Posted 13-05-2016 17:12

  • says :
    This event seems very interesting.
    Posted 13-05-2016 15:07

  • says :
    A great initiative! Looking forward to participate in the event:)
    Posted 13-05-2016 02:35

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Very thoughtful, indeed. Looking forward to create the best 'World Biodiversity Map'.
    Posted 12-05-2016 18:08

  • says :
    Would surely participate this year as well. Green Cheers!
    Posted 12-05-2016 11:46

  • Luiz Bispo says :
    That is awesome!!
    Posted 12-05-2016 11:06

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Interesting event to commemorate International Biodiversity day. Thanks TEG.
    Posted 11-05-2016 18:11

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