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[World] Top 20 countries and cities in June 2016

by Eco Generation | 01-07-2016 09:59 Comments 2 Comments

Top 20 countries and cities in June 2016
Dear Tunza Eco-generation members,

June was the busiest month for Tunza Eco-generation because we have World Environment Day as well as the 9th Eco-generation Environment Essay Competition!!!

Thanks to those global events, we could get 22% more traffic than the previous month. Isn't it great? :)

That's why we're wondering about the visitors' status of June 2016!!!
We would like to gladly share the visitors' statistics with our members. 

Top 20 table 2016 June

Welcome Tanzania to our top 20 list and congrats Vietnam for higher your rank!
It's surprising to see Boston on our top 20 cities list for the FIRST time (as far as I can remember)!!!
We are so glad to see many new countries and cities on our top 20 list.
We look forward to more participation from our new members in the future.

Thank you everyone for visiting Tunza Eco-generation and sharing your opinion and knowledge on the environment.

with love,
Eco-generation team


Dharmendra Kapri

  • says :
    Nepal on 10 OMG. Thanks to our board exam. We will be on top5 this time surely.lol
    Anyways congratulations India and New Delhi for top position
    Posted 01-07-2016 20:22

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