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[World] Winner Announcement of the 9th Eco-generation Environmental Essay Competition

by Eco Generation | 04-08-2016 09:03 Comments 38 Comments

winner of the 9th Eco-generation Environmental Essay Competition

Dear Members,


We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your time and efforts to write an essay for the 9th Eco-generation Environmental Essay Competition regarding the Fight Against Illegal Trade in Wildlife. We feel so proud of the all applicants who made great pieces of works which include full of inspirations on Illegal trade of wildlife in my country and its effect on future generation.

 Jury's comment

This is the third year that I have had the honor to be involved in the Eco-generation Environmental Essay Competition. As always, the topics posed in this competition are of great importance to not only the environment, but also to the young people of today and tomorrow. This year's essays regarding the fight against the illegal wildlife trade are especially worthy as they provide many thoughtful analyses of the situations occurring in a host of countries around the world, and provide some very thoughtful and practical solutions on how to slow and even stop these terrible crimes. It is only through the efforts of young people, such as those who wrote these wonderful essays, that our world will become a better place.

As our Jury mentioned, we received numerous remarkable essays. However, we regret that only the limited number of entries can be chosen as the winners. We do appreciate your generous understanding once again.


We are so happy to announce the winners of the 9th Eco-generation Environmental Essay Competition as below.


Winners of the 9th Eco-generation Environmental Essay

Prize Name Country
UNEP Prize Aaditya Singh UAE
Samsung Engineering Prize Han Pham Vietnam
Eco-generation Prize Samuel Apeh Nigeria
Eco-generation Prize santosh koirala Nepal
Eco-generation Prize Ilyas Taufiqurrohman Indonesia
Honorable Mention Sharon Jebi Kenya
Honorable Mention Shantal Lukoye Kenya
Honorable Mention Whitney Ngili Kenya
Honorable Mention Ishitwa Chandra India
Honorable Mention Asta Ardyan Indonesia
Honorable Mention Sudarshan Sreeram India
Honorable Mention Bayu Wicaksono Indonesia
Honorable Mention George Namachanja Kenya
Honorable Mention Ahmad Ardiansyah Indonesia
Honorable Mention Kokolo Etiowo Nigeria
Honorable Mention becky olubunmi Nigeria
Honorable Mention Suraj kc Nepal
Honorable Mention Luiz Bispo Brazil
Honorable Mention Sbonelo Mkhize South Africa
Honorable Mention Soo Lee Korea, South
Honorable Mention Abdelaziz Maldisa Philippines
Honorable Mention Swosthi Thapa Nepal
Honorable Mention Lucia Chebe Kenya
Honorable Mention SOMO GUYO Kenya
Honorable Mention Andri POLI Cyprus
Honorable Mention Pramisha Thapaliya Nepal
Honorable Mention Clyde Jayvy Villanueva Philippines


 * Click to read the winners' essay.






This is the notice for the winners only.


Winners will receive a certificate in an electronic format (pdf type) to reduce carbon footprint. For the delivery of the souvenirs, please send your correct phone number and address (including postal code) to this e-mail address: ecogeneration@samsung.com by August 10, 2016.


If there's no confirmation e-mail from the winner by 10th August, the souvenir will be automatically sent to the address written in the application form.

 Eco-generation is not responsible for any delivery failure caused by absence of the recipient, wrong address and phone number given by the recipient.


Taxes and duties may be imposed on the souvenirs when they are moved across a political boundary (although some free trade zones exist around the world). Although DHL Express and EMS offer the opportunity for the sender (Eco-generation team) to meet these costs at origin, some countries do not allow this type of service. In this case, the payment of Duties and Taxes are typically the responsibility of the receiver.


Thank you very much for your participation and see you next year!



With regards,


Eco-generation team


  • says :
    Congratulations winners!!
    Posted 28-08-2016 20:18

  • says :
    Congratulations to all the winners and i am looking forward to participate next year.
    Posted 25-08-2016 18:40

  • says :
    Posted 20-08-2016 03:41

  • says :
    Congratulations to you all.
    Posted 11-08-2016 11:21

  • says :
    congrats to all the winners.
    Posted 11-08-2016 03:24

  • says :
    Congratulations everyone.
    Posted 10-08-2016 12:05

Aaditya Singh

  • Aaditya Singh says :
    Thanks to all Ecogen members for your wishes and comments.
    Posted 10-08-2016 06:43

Aaditya Singh

  • Aaditya Singh says :
    Thank you Simran, Rohan and Neha. You all are leaders in the field of eco conservation and it is heartening to get positive comments and encouragement from you.
    Posted 10-08-2016 06:42

  • says :
    Congratulations winners.
    Posted 10-08-2016 04:21

  • Rohit Bisht says :
    Congrats to all the winners.
    Posted 09-08-2016 12:29

  • says :
    Congratulations to all the winners.
    Posted 08-08-2016 08:22

  • says :
    Congratulations everyone!
    Posted 08-08-2016 06:37

  • Neha Swaminathan says :
    Hearty congratulations Aaditya Singh for the UNEP Prize. Very interesting article. Congratulations and best wishes to all winners
    Posted 07-08-2016 22:18

  • says :
    Congrats to all the winners.
    Posted 07-08-2016 04:51

  • says :
    Congratulations to you guys...,you did a great work as well as you are just encouraging others including me, to participate on others events. GREAT THANKS TO tunza team, hope to see many of us to participates on the coming events......................CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Posted 07-08-2016 02:00

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Well Done Aaditya. You have UAE proud. Congrats to all the deserving winners.
    Posted 06-08-2016 13:26

  • says :
    Congratulation to us ^_^
    Posted 06-08-2016 10:04

  • Pherly Grace Bungao says :
    Congratulations to all the winners! :) Kudos to the two winners from the Philippines. Mabuhay! :)
    Posted 05-08-2016 21:36

  • Xilola Kayumova says :
    Congratulations everyone!
    Where can I read your essays?
    Posted 05-08-2016 20:22

  • Simran Vedvyas says :
    Congratulations Aaditya Well Done :)
    Congrats to all the other winners too - It's Great
    Posted 05-08-2016 17:27

Aaditya Singh

  • Aaditya Singh says :
    To go with the theme of Wildlife Conservation and the 9th Ecogeneration Essay Contest, I want to share with all members a poster that I had made at school last year to highlight that the responsibility to protect the Biodiversity rests on our shoulders.


    Posted 05-08-2016 13:18

  • says :
    Congratulations the winners
    Posted 05-08-2016 06:34

  • says :
    congrate this very good move

    Posted 05-08-2016 05:41

Aaditya Singh

  • Aaditya Singh says :
    Thanks Arushi for your encouraging comments. I have always admired your commitment to eco conservation. As a senior at my school and an eco champion you have set high standards for us to follow and we will work hard to keep the green flag flying high.

    Posted 05-08-2016 03:33

Aaditya Singh

  • Aaditya Singh says :
    Thank you Bindu Didi for your support always and also for sending a message to inform and congratulate me for this good news. You are an inspiration to all of us and I am glad to be a member of this elite forum that introduced me to such dedicated mentors.
    We are currently in India and not having internet connectivity at times, so I was not able to respond earlier.

    Posted 05-08-2016 03:02

Aaditya Singh

  • Aaditya Singh says :
    Thank You Tunza Ecogeneration for acknowledging my essay with such a grand honour. My sincere thanks also to the TEG family and friends for your good wishes.
    Congrats also to all participants and winners.
    Along with the winning position we have gained valuable insight about illegal trade of wildlife, through the research for the essay- something that will certainly help us combat this menace.

    Posted 05-08-2016 02:57

  • says :
    Congratulations winners!!! :D Little bit bummed that I couldnt enter due to my exams but all loved reading your entries!!
    Posted 04-08-2016 23:41

  • says :
    Congrats to all the winners though honestly I am so sad that I dont see my name. I will try next time. :D . Anyway, so proud that the second position belonged to a Vietnamese :D
    Posted 04-08-2016 22:56

Dharmendra Kapri

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Heartiest Congrats to Aaditya, so so so proud of you. The First place winner and the UNEP winner is from our UAE, so glad. Congrats to all the winners-you all did a commendable job. I have read few of your pieces and am impressed. I am going to read all the winners' essays. My respect and congrats to all the winners once again.
    Posted 04-08-2016 20:00

  • says :
    Congratulations to all those who won. You did a great job. Applauds.
    Posted 04-08-2016 16:23

  • says :
    Congrats to all winners!!! You all have done a great job!!!!
    Posted 04-08-2016 13:22

  • says :
    Dear Aadi brother, a huge round of applause to you. Congratulations for being the winner and you definitely deserve it. Proud of you my brother :)
    Posted 04-08-2016 13:09

  • says :
    Congratulations to all the winners of Environmental Essay Competition :) Green Cheers!
    Posted 04-08-2016 13:08

  • says :
    Congrats all winners :) Thank you Tunza for the encouragement ! Truly appreciated
    Posted 04-08-2016 11:53

  • Dewi Retno S says :
    Congrats to all winners!
    Posted 04-08-2016 10:51

  • says :
    Congratulations to you all and Thank you :)
    Posted 04-08-2016 09:55

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