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A Special Goodbye Letter from Greece

by Eco Generation | 24-08-2016 09:27 Comments 12 Comments

A Special Goodbye Letter from Greece

Dear Tunza Eco-generation members,

Today, I would like to share one of the happiest news from our Ambassador to Greece and Europe. 

Your feedback helps our Eco-generation team move forward!

Thank you, our members and Ambassadors!

 Dear Tunza Eco-generation Staff,


I am writing to you in view of the fact that a new period begins in my life, starting with my studies in a US University as an Engineer, with emphasis on Environmental Engineering.


During all my high school years, the protection of the urban place I lived, but also the rural area outside of it, was high on my priorities. This is how I got to realize that the environmental challenges of our time should be solved with sustainable development. For this reason, I will try to contribute to, as much as I can, understanding my responsibilities as an adult citizen and an engineer.


During this trip, my contact and my cooperation with Tunza Eco Generation has played a vital role. It has helped me realize that the bubble I lived in, wasn't but a very small piece the huge unity of our society that every local act counted to the result of a global inclination to a more clean Earth, which will allow future generations to enjoy what we have been able to enjoy, and share the same connection with nature.


I would like to thank Tunza Eco-generation for the way in which it accepted me 3 years ago, it encouraged me in my reports, and gave me the chance to meet many remarkable young people and learn from their experiences, broaden my perspective and giving an international dimension to my efforts as a high school student. This encouragement helped me attain the award of the most environmentally active student in my school's graduating class, an award which I wholeheartedly dedicate to the amazing team of Tunza Eco-generation.


Unfortunately, it might be hard for me to find time to get involved in this community over the next few years, but I am sure that we will meet once again in the future, as we all work for the same vision.


With all my love for Christy Lee, the Tunza Eco-generation Staff and the ambassadors of the last 3 years!


Konstantinos-Eirinaios Tsiampouris

Tunza Ambassador for Greece and Europe, May 2014-August 2016


  • says :
    Big congratulations Konsta, it's sad to leave now but I am happy you are following this passion in your studies. Best wishes!
    Posted 31-08-2016 14:24

  • says :
    Good bye and best wishes :)
    Posted 27-08-2016 16:51

  • says :
    Good luck Konstantinos and keep the good work as engineer. it was a pleasure to be with you.

    Posted 27-08-2016 16:08

  • says :
    It's sas to see you leave.. But I wish you the very best in your future endeavours! Best Wishes :)
    Posted 27-08-2016 15:16

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Dear Konstantinos, It has been great knowing you & congrats on your accolades. Wish you a great future.
    Posted 27-08-2016 12:38

  • says :
    Posterity will not forget your good deeds to the environment and they will be forever be grateful, I wish you a successful career in your chosen field of study. We'll miss you!
    Posted 27-08-2016 02:08

  • says :
    Congratulations Konstantinos for all your achievements because of this amazing Tunza Eco Gen platform.All the best for all your future endeavours .Keep in touch through this platform.Best of luck again to keep up all your activities in your life for a good cause.
    Posted 26-08-2016 23:41

  • says :
    I wish you all the best for your future studies and endeavors
    Posted 26-08-2016 22:10

  • Anthony Emecheta says :
    Aww... This is a moving letter. It has also been hard for me to b very active because of school but one day I know our little efforts will meet in the horizon of success.
    Posted 26-08-2016 21:24

  • says :
    Dear Konstantinos, it was great to get connected with a dedicated leader like you via beloved Tunza Eco- generation. It is said that every ending has a new beginning and I wish you all the best for your further studies at US. I am sure we would be in touch in social media in the coming days :) Good bye and wishes :)
    Posted 26-08-2016 20:38

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Congrats for getting the 'Most environmentally active student' award from your school. Congrats for getting into US university to do stream of your choice. All the best for this new phase in your life. I am sure you will shine there too.
    I agree with you and appreciate the way you expressed your gratitude to this amazing 'Tunza Eco Gen'. This forum is the best forum for environmentally conscious youngsters to persue their passion, to accomplish their objectives, to develop their skills and to make friends with like minded people all over the globe.
    Good Bye and Good Luck.
    Posted 26-08-2016 19:47

  • Sujan Adhikari says :
    Good Bye Bro. Hope you will continue your good deeds :D
    Posted 26-08-2016 17:22

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