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[World] Monthly Event for July 2017

by Eco Generation | 03-07-2017 11:47 Comments 21 Comments

 Monthly event for July 2017 - Heartfelt comments

Dear members,

As you know, the purpose of Tunza Eco-generation platform is to promote infomration exchange between the youths in other countries and to encourage each other for the environmental advocacy and learning.

One of the ways to encourage our members for exchanging their opinions on the environment is putting comments on other's posting.

To raise awareness on the importance of the feedbacks by comments, we would like to invite all our members to leave a nice comment to other's posting especially at the Ambassador Report and World Report during THIS MONTH.

Please read each posting carefully and put your comment of your ideas and suggestions about the post.

We will find the BEST member who put the most heartfelt commnents on the postings of Tunza Eco-generation and send some Eco-generation souvenirs early next month.

Then let's start leaving a heartfelt comment on this notice first!!!

We do appreciate your participation in advance.

Best regards,

Eco-generation team


  • Viraaj Kulshreshtha says :
    To Shell out the best out of us
    To make sure the gen next has a green thumb
    Ongoing updates and competitions
    Regular interactions and discussion forums
    Team Tunza leaves no stone unturned
    I am glad that I was introduced to it by my mom
    The articles open up the horizon of our thinking
    Make us use our gray matter to that little extra to ensure that Green is the way of life
    Thank you team Tunza once again
    Posted 01-08-2017 04:28

Aaditya Singh

  • Aaditya Singh says :
    Posted 28-07-2017 23:41

  • says :
    I always feel insecure about leaving comments on others' posts. However, from now on, I will start to articulate how I feel more. Thank you for sharing this!
    Posted 27-07-2017 17:54

  • Bharat Adhikari says :
    Great idea, great initiative. I hope most of the members will take part in this event.
    Posted 24-07-2017 09:00

  • Ratna Bintari says :
    I love this event, because this is where I can find so many meaningful information and opinion about the nature. And also now I know that there are still a lot of people out there who still care about the environmental issues in this modern civilization. People in this forum are using gadgets in a positive way, which can be considered as a part of campaign for our future nature :)
    Posted 22-07-2017 22:51

  • Prayash Pathak (Chalise) says :
    The posting of heartfelt comments in the articles will certainly encourage the members to be more active. It is a great and thoughtful initiative by Tunza and hope that it will be followed by every members.
    Posted 22-07-2017 14:10

  • Ashtha Lamsal says :
    Tunza has always been a source of information for me :). The platform through which i can share my experiences and learn from others too.
    Posted 22-07-2017 12:15

  • says :
    You always find a way to make us interact and learn
    Posted 21-07-2017 23:22

  • says :
    You always find a way to make us interact and learn
    Posted 21-07-2017 23:21

  • says :
    Tunza events really inspire me to dedicate myself on environmental protection activities
    Posted 19-07-2017 17:40

  • Clement Kandodo says :
    Thanks for such initiative that will motivate us to be actively evolved in providing out thoughts in different reports from young environmental change makers
    Posted 18-07-2017 00:10

  • Swosthi Thapa says :
    It is the best monthly event to encourage the ambassadors as well as other readers.. The comments and complements will count every work done by ambassador and ecogeneration as well.. It will be a great month to read the reports.. Yeyyy...
    Posted 17-07-2017 22:34

  • Kshitiz Kandel says :
    Such an wonderful activity that integrates the thoughts anf ideas globally. Well appreciated and great paltform indeed .
    Posted 17-07-2017 21:27

  • Sujan Adhikari says :
    I always take Tunza Eco Generation as an elite platform where one can grow, take as a family and lead later. Where I am today is just because of TEG and moreover compliments left my dear ambassadors, members and mentors. And I believe Constructive Compliments is what anyone can be shaped. So dear friend please make this event successful one :)
    Posted 17-07-2017 20:33

Dharmendra Kapri

  • Dharmendra Kapri says :
    Another meaningful event.It will surely inspire all members to read articles and exchange their opinions. And at the same time commenting is the best way to personally connect with writer.

    Posted 12-07-2017 06:14

  • says :
    as human, we need others to evaluate ourselves, giving feedback is not only how u find the lackness or giving critic, but also along with the solution.
    Posted 06-07-2017 01:47

Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas

  • Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas says :
    Well... I do believe that it would be better to give opinions about the stuff we read here. This is because, the writers also need inputs from the reader in order to also improve themselves
    Posted 05-07-2017 21:40

  • says :
    I agree that the comments help us communicate, and endorse each other
    Posted 05-07-2017 20:52

  • Anthony Emecheta says :
    Writers will agree with me that simply saying that a work is 'NICE' or use of other one-word reply says nothing about the work and helps the writer in no way at all. This is an event, I believe, will also reawaken the reading culture of children and youths. Eco-gen has been a champion of events that affect children and youth in all facets of their life and I say a big kudos to every member of the team. No matter how little your contributions are, it is snowballing into something beyond yourself. Thank you
    Posted 05-07-2017 12:52

  • says :
    Very rightly commented by Arushi. This monthly event will definitely boost everyone to exchange fruitful ideas related to our environment as well as it will motivate us to read everyone's articles and leave comments that will give them a feeling of achievement.
    When I write any article I feel really upbeat when I get reviews and comments. I am sure our fellow members and ambassadors also feel the same.
    Posted 04-07-2017 21:33

  • Arushi Madan says :
    This is such a thoughtful event and will inspire all of us to read others' reports, learn from them, encourage the report writer with our comments, feedback and suggestions. Yeah, you are right Eco Gen, the purpose of this forum is to inspire each other and learn from others' best practices, then why not reap its benefits.
    Posted 04-07-2017 19:38

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