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[World] 2017 Our Neighborhood's Biodiversity Map

by Eco Generation | 23-08-2017 17:24 Comments 8 Comments

Result of the monthly event for May

Dear Tunza Eco-generation members,

At last, 2017 Our Neighborhood's biodiversity map is completed!

As you know, we collected the information on the endangered species around you last May.

More than 30 species were added up on our biodiversitymap from last year.

During the revision work, we found some species went down to the lsevere level in the IUCN Red list.

Please click the banner of 2017 Our Neighborhood's Biodiversity Map on lower-right corner and check the information about the endangered species our members collected.

Our Neighborhood's Biodiversity Map

In the mean time, we would like to announce the ONE author who contributied the most!

It's Arushi Madan, our Ambassador to UK.

We shall send your the Samsung blutooth earphone via DHL.

Best regards,

Eco-generation team


Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Hello Eco Gen: It/banner above says '2016 Our Biodiversity Map'. You may want to change it to '2017 Our Biodiversity Map'. Thank you.
    Posted 24-08-2017 17:10

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Thanks to Eco Generation. Thank you Astha, Anishka, Bharat and Prayash.
    Posted 24-08-2017 16:49

  • Ashtha Lamsal says :
    congratulations dear Arushi :)
    Posted 24-08-2017 16:23

  • Anishka Jha says :
    Congratulations Arushi!!
    Posted 24-08-2017 16:13

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