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[World] Our Favorite Environmental Websites Part 3

by Eco Generation | 23-10-2017 11:14 Comments 5 Comments

Result of the monthly event for September

Dear Tunza Eco-generation members,

First of all, we do appreciate every participant who joined the monthly event for September. Though we had more candidates, we cannot take all of the entries because some of the websites were already introduced and duplicated with other entries.

We appreciate your kind understanding.

Then, let's meet our guest editors of Our Favorite Environmental Websites series.

Part 1. Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas (Indonesia)

Part 2. T Anudeep Reddy (India)

Part 3. Arushi Madan (United Kingdom)

Part 4. Kushal Naharki (Nepal)


Best regards,

Eco-generation team


  • Sumit Chowdhury says :
    Congrats to the winning guest editors.
    Posted 31-10-2017 22:47

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Congrats to the Editor Team. Its a good education.
    Posted 27-10-2017 05:11

  • Victor eke mba says :
    congratulations to you all. &#128513
    Posted 24-10-2017 04:27

  • Anthony Emecheta says :
    Congrats to all the selected members. Great team! I have no doubt that they will make a great team.
    Posted 23-10-2017 15:06

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